The boy is simply beside himself with excitement tonight.

Tomorrow, after all, is THE DAY. The day that he has been counting down to for weeks now.

It is the day that he will premiere his Halloween costume, and it is the day of his classroom Halloween party, and it is simply going to be the very! best! day! of this year.

Which is really saying a lot, because he thought that his birthday, back in August, was the very best day of the year. And he thought that the 4th of July was the very best day of the year, before that, because his grandmother spent a squillion dollars on packs of little dynamite for him to explode. And, seeing as how he sports a Y chromosome, the boy was THRILLED with igniting the fuses on the firecrackers and listening to them blow up. For some reason, boys are drawn to explosions, and they are actually happiest when they have made an explosion HAPPEN.

Naturally, this gives their mothers gray hair.

I should know. I have noticed that I may be growing some new VERY BLONDE hairs on the top of my scalp. But I don’t really want to talk about it.

I am learning that whatever pleasure a nine-year-old takes at lighting a firecracker and watching it explode, is always outdone by the pleasure his DADDY takes by lighting bigger firecrackers and watching them explode. I’m not sure that Hubs was ever happier than the day he saw an episode of “Myth Busters,” when the myth-busting hosts blew up a hot water heater.

But truly, the boy cannot wait for tomorrow morning to arrive, and Hubs and I thoroughly expect him to be awake before the rooster crows. He’s already announced, “Mom, I may get up a little bit early tomorrow, just to get my costume on for school.” And if by a “little bit early” he means something prior to 6 AM, then he and I might have to talk.

So yes, we’re all looking forward to Halloween Weekend ’09, simply because…hello! The costume! And the candy-getting! (Halloween was, after all, invented to legalize the use of the sugar cane plant; I’m sure of it.) And the best part?

Daylight Savings, people!

Hello, Extra Hour! How I have missed you!

Hubs and I have been talking about how to spend our extra hour. I would like to spend it sitting in one of the over-stuffed leather chairs at Starbucks, with a hot cup of “Starbucks Loves You” in my hand, before we head to church.

Hubs would like to spend it rewatching his Colorado Avalanche game from last night, which is still on the DVR, because Hubs declared it “simply too good to delete.”

If I hear one more time that Calgary scored twice on the Avalanche, in less than a minute, people, and the Avs still came back to beat them, I may need physical therapy to dislodge my fingers from my ears.

Oh, how Hubs loves his Avalanche. Just this morning, as he was sitting at the kitchen counter looking at hockey statistics on his laptop, he announced, “The Avalanche are number one, honey! Number! One!” And then he went on to say, “And tell your little friend, Amy, that her nasty Detroit Red Wings are not even in the running for the play-offs right now! Tell her that! Make her hang her head in shame when she wears that Red Wing T-shirt!”

I looked at Hubs with a bit of bewilderment, and asked, “Um, aren’t the play-offs in May? And isn’t this only October? Didn’t hockey just START? Don’t the Red Wings have…well…plenty of time?”

And Hubs said, “I suppose you could look at it that way, if your glass is half empty, but if you look at it MY way, the Red Wings are TOTALLY OUT OF the play-offs right now, because MY glass is half full! Completely blocked from the play-offs right now, I’m telling you. I love this hockey season!”

And people, the only way Halloween Weekend ’09 could get any better for my boys would be if they had firecrackers to toss. They are both so happy right now…

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