Sometimes Your Part-Time Job Can Become a Spa

My friend, Nina, told me today that she’s leaving for a little spa in the countryside. She’s calling it her “Girlfriend Weekend,” which will be a peaceful, relaxing little episode, with the snowglobe snowflakes falling all around her. Naturally, Nina is thrilled to be heading out, because…hello! Spa!

How can you not be happy when your name is used in the same sentence as the word “spa?”

I will be heading back to work tomorrow, and I am almost as elated as Nina is, because I am looking forward to the rest that can only be found at work at this point. Having a swine flu patient in the house brought out my germaphobic tendencies, and I spent all of Tuesday bleaching anything that would hold still long enough to be fully doused in it. Today, I spent the entire day gutting the boy’s bedroom.

And when I use the word “gutting,” I basically mean “gutting.” As in what happens when you carve a Halloween pumpkin. You cut the top off, you scoop everything out, and you throw it away. I scooped everything out of the boy’s bedroom today (and wished over and over that I’d thought to use a shovel), and I threw things away until I had filled the trash bags to their limits. A Hefty bag can only hold so much, as states one of the laws of physics. The room sparkles now, as does the rest of the house, and if Queen Elizabeth wanted to come over here with her white gloves, I would whole-heartedly welcome her at the door tonight and personally drag her upstairs to see the boy’s bedroom.

The boy’s closet is organized. The boy’s Legos are neatly put away. The boy’s light saber collection is stored in his arsenal. All of the Fruit Roll-Up wrappers that were stuffed into the closet shelves are now missing in action. All of the Happy Meal toys that we somehow managed to collect, even though Mama promised not to feed her boy any junk food, have miraculously disappeared.

When I was finished tonight, the boy walked in and said, “Wow, Mom. I feel like this is a show on HGTV! My room looks great!”

So yes. Nina is looking forward to her trip to the spa, so that she can relax, and I am looking forward to my trip back to work tomorrow, so that I can relax.

And the Swine Baby is looking forward to heading back to school tomorrow. The mother of one of his best friends stopped by tonight with a bag filled with homemade “get well” cards, which his class had made for him. The boy had the best time sitting on the floor, reading through them this evening. And one of the ladies who goes to church with us had a Christian book store deliver a hand-wrapped, hardcover book to him. It’s an amazing book, detailing the continents. The boy’s aunt, who happens to live clear across the United States from us, sent a belated birthday gift, which just arrived today. It was a box filled with card games and a fantastic book stocked with full-color photographs on folding paper yachts. The boy lost no time at all getting started with THAT project!

With his supply of gifts gathered around him this afternoon, the boy looked at me and said, “This has just been a great day, Mom.”

And it has.

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