Not Even the Sugar Can Convince Me to Stay Awake Longer

The weekend has finished, and Hubs and I are actually looking forward to returning to work tomorrow.

To rest.

Halloween has sucked the energy right out of our bones, people, and left us dry with exhaustion. Well, Halloween and the fact that we participated in the annual fall clean-up of our own yards. Basically, raking our yard is like choosing to rake Sherwood Forest, and no one ever chooses to rake there, because…hello! Many leaves! It’s exactly like Sherwood Forest at our house. And now, after Halloween took all we had on Saturday, the leaves finished us off today.

The house looks like Sanford and Son’s junk shop, because no one has been indoors long enough this weekend to pick anything up.

The goldfish were half-starved tonight, because we suddenly realized that no one has been indoors long enough this weekend to toss them their flakes.

The boy is hopped up on sugar (thanks to the haul he and his friends secured for themselves on Saturday night), and he’s not at all tired (thanks to the time change). This, people, is a deadly combination when you’re nine. It’s the combination that can push parents right next to the brink.

So tomorrow there’ll be more. And there’ll be pictures. But for now, the pillow is singing its Siren song, and I am helpless to ignore it.

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