The Post In Which I’m Too Tired To Actually Type


I need a nap.

The kind of nap that lasts — oh! — ten hours or so.

We are officially home from Gymnastics Land (which is 30 miles down the interstate from Home Base), and it was my night to drive the Greyhound Bus, which is better known as the Suburban, in some cultures.

I hauled six children with me tonight. I watched them all flip around on the mats, dangle from the bars, and do death-defying stunts on the trampolines, while they were wearing harnesses. I have fed them all a very nutritious dinner. Happy Meals in the car, which featured the grain group (hamburger buns), the meat group (the actual burger), dairy (either cheese on the hamburger or their chocolate milks), the vegetable group (potatoes disguised as French fries), and the fruit group (apples). Everyone was happy. No one had caffeine in their drinks (per parental requests), except for me, and what little I did have in that small soda wasn’t nearly enough.

Mama is plum tired, and it’s not all because of the fact that I was the Greyhound driver tonight. Nope. Mama is plum tired because Hubs seems to be a bit congested in the nasal area. I gave him some cold and allergy medication last night before he went to bed, because Hubs will never initiate digging through the medicine cabinet to find the cold medicine on his own. He simply thinks that it takes too much energy to do that, so he just skips it all together, choosing the inability to breathe instead.

But low! I handed him the meds last night and said, “I think this might help with your stuffy nose.”

And Hubs did partake of the little white pill that I offered him.

And guess what, people? That particular brand of medication MAY CAUSE MARKED DROWSINESS. Ultimately, this means that Hubs passed out cold last night, and, since he couldn’t breathe through his nose very well, he snored.


I imagine that a pack of wild, renegade Abominable snowmen would have slept quieter than Hubs did last night. I ended up hauling my pillows and my blanket out to the sofa in the living room shortly after midnight, to see if I could escape all the noise.

But low! There were just NEW and DIFFERENT noises in the living room, as Cat 1 and Cat 2 decided that they must! must! must! chase one another, because someone got up out of bed, so hey! It must be morning! They chased and they chased. I hissed at them. They jumped on my kitchen counters (and Hubs SWEARS that they do not do this at night — he tries to protect them from the beatings they deserve), and I fumbled around in the dark, hoping to clobber one of them good and proper. They hid from me, and bragged about the fact that domesticated short-hairs can actually…you know…SEE in the dark, and that they are very wonderful hiders. As soon as I’d settled myself back on the sofa, with the pack of wild, renegade, plugged-up-nose-suffering Abominable snowmen across the house, the cats came back out, and they chased one another some more.

So really? Mama’s sleep was a wee bit limited last night.

So people, I am off to bed. Would it be okay to take the cold and allergy medication that MAY CAUSE MARKED DROWSINESS when you’re not actually suffering any cold or allergy-like symptoms?!

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