Wrapping Things Up

Hubs and I are on a date.

Right now.

As we speak.

My parents (who are better known as Mam and Pa) are hosting a three-children slumber party at their house, which involves the boy and his two cousins, L and K. When we dropped the boy off, armed with his backpack full of essentials (Lego pieces and a toothbrush), the noise level was peaking at Mam and Pa’s house.

Pa asked if HE could come to OUR house for a slumber party. Apparently, as you age, noises seem that much louder.

With a childless evening laid out before us, Hubs and I discussed our options. Dinner out? Yes, that was good. A movie? Yes, that was also good.

What we ended up doing was stopping at the grocery store for milk and eggs. After that, we decided that the leftover chili sitting in a pot in our refrigerator at home was a whole lot cheaper than the Chinese restaurant, and right now, two days before Christmas, cheaper is better. And my friend Cody loaned us The Proposal on DVD, so there’s the date movie.

As I scraped the last little dredges of leftover chili out of our bowls and loaded the dishwasher tonight, Hubs asked if I was ready to watch the show. I sweet talked him into helping me wrap a few gifts instead.

I am not overly fond of wrapping gifts. Oh, I like to rip wrapping paper off, just as well as any girl does, but I’m not entirely enthusiastic about wrapping. So I told Hubs, “Let’s wrap for thirty minutes, and I think we can knock out the last of the gifts, and then we’ll watch the movie.”

So what did I do?

I left Hubs in the kitchen, wrapping a square box (because he prefers to wrap only SQUARE boxes, because oddly-shaped packages that require wrapping raise his stress level to what I’d feel if someone forced me to attend a live Metallica concert — it’s simply too much, and above and beyond what I can handle). While Hubs was concentrating on square corners and tape, I told him that I’d get the rest of the loot out of the hiding place in the closet.

And I abandoned him so that I could get a blog post up. That’s dedication, Readers!

And now?

Well, he has found me out (like any good Navy SEAL would do), and he insists that I left a man behind in active combat, which clearly is breaking the code of conduct.

Hence, I’m wrapping up this post, so that I can go finish wrapping up Christmas.


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