The Post In Which I Am Too Old To Remain Upright

MeMaw is about to fall asleep.

As soon as “The Wheel of Fortune” finishes, I’m going to go take my Geritol and crawl into bed. I don’t think I even have what it takes to watch Lawrence Welk and his bubbles on rerun tonight.

Because, people! Low! I have been to college tonight!

And all I have to say about college is this: I actually have a LOT to say, and college is entirely different than it was in my generation, and it has plum tuckered me out, people, and my brain is on overload, and thank goodness (Holy mercy! Thank goodness!) I am only taking one class, which is all for fun, and not going to be the determining factor in any future career, because I’m not sure that I have enough gray matter left upstairs to actually tolerate being a full-time college student, which just goes to show you that the reason college primarily follows high school is because it’s simply easier to do when you actually had no idea what Geritol actually was, and when you thought belly button rings and Esprit and Swatch watches were cool.

And that, my fine friends, was all one, solid-gold, run-on sentence.

I will enlighten you on my college experience tomorrow.

After my dentures have soaked in Polident and I’ve had my prunes for breakfast.

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