A Scene of Real Life at the Jedi House — Act 2

The scene is simple. Hubs is draped over the loveseat, because Hubs never, ever sits in the loveseat properly. His legs sort of hang off one end, and his arms hang off the sides, and he is holding a Coke, which is something he always holds, unless he is holding a Starbucks cup.

Mama is sitting at the big, fancy desk right by the loveseat, in front of her desk computer, because it’s her favorite, and she refuses to give it up for what Hubs calls “the ease and portability of the laptop.” Hubs is all about the technology, while Mama fights it.

Mama (speaking to Hubs): “My throat is starting to hurt. I’m tired. I’m worn out from college. I have nothing to write about. Give me a topic. You don’t have to tell me what to write; I’ll fly with it on my own. Just give me a topic.”

Hubs: “I always hated writer’s cramp.”

Mama: “It’s called writer’s block. A cramp is what you get in your hand when you’ve written too much.”

Hubs (getting up from the loveseat and exiting stage right): “I always hated English class, too.”

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