A Whole Lot of Nothing Tonight

On a scale of one to ten, my level of tiredness tonight is hovering somewhere around a solid ninety-three. It was one of those days at work today, when the weather was perfectly crummy, and all I really wanted to do was go back home, dump a bunch of ingredients for homemade chicken noodle soup into the crockpot, and curl up on our sofa with a good book. I’m learning, though, that my oh-so-very-part-time job really interferes with what I’d like to be doing. When I mentioned this to Hubs, he stared at me for quite a lengthy little spell of time, and then he said, “Welcome to my world.”

No matter.

I can push through the tiredness tonight, and I can drum up a whole batch of different topics to cover, so tighten your seatbelts and do try to keep up.

1. We’re supposed to be leaving town tomorrow morning for Bigger Town, USA, which was supposed to be the Grand Finale of Spring Break ’10, but the current snow conditions may throw a sterling silver monkey wrench into all of that. I’m convinced that our state is the only place on earth where you can have 72 degrees on Monday and dress your small fry in his favorite pair of Under Armour shorts, and then turn around and face a raging, sloppy-wet blizzard on Thursday. It’s the kind of snowstorm where people will surely shout out, “This reminds me of the Blizzard of 18-hundred-and-something-something, when we couldn’t even see the barn, let alone get out there to feed the livestock. You remember; I think Laura wrote about it, when Pa Ingalls had to tie a rope around his waist when he ventured out, just so he’d be sure to find his way back home in all the sideways snowing.” Thankfully, the Grand Finale of Spring Break ’10 was supposed to be a total surprise to the boy, so he knows nothing of it. This will certainly make things easier in the morning, if we wake up to seven-foot snow drifts and decide not to push the Suburban along the interstate in this mess.

2. Do you remember Spot, the Goldfish Racer Extraordinaire? One day after his roommate, Goldie, passed on, Spot has joined him. Both of these little fish have gone on to be with Jesus now, and the boy has sobbed his heart out for the second day in a row. Thank goodness we only brought two goldfish home from youth group the other night; I’m not sure that my emotions are up to handling the departure of a third or fourth finned creature. Every night, I sit on the edge of the boy’s bed with him, while he says his prayers, and tonight he said, “And, Jesus, please just comfort me with the loss of my two fish.” My heart actually flip-flopped and ached even more for this boy, who loved those two goldfish like crazy, while they swam around for one week in a bowl on the top of his bookcase. Goldie and Spot were well loved during their time in our fishbowl.

3. We colored Easter eggs tonight at Mam and Pa’s house. The boy managed to dye some eggs, all ten of his fingers, his chin, and Mam’s kitchen countertop. So many of my friends have purchased fancy egg-dying kits, with glitter and sparkles and bedazzlements of all kinds for their hard-boiled eggs. Not us. We still prefer the 88-cent package of six tablets, with the simple instructions of, “Just add tablets to vinegar and water.” The way I figure it, if these little tablets were good enough for Sister and I way back when “Diff’rent Strokes” was still aired weekly, then they’re good enough for the boy.

4. Look at this little number! Apparently, Starbucks debuted a 128-ounce cup this morning, in honor of April Fool’s Day. They dubbed it the “Plenta,” and let me tell y’all this one little thing. Come Monday morning, what with Lent being officially up then, I have great plans to walk into Starbucks and happily announce, “I’ll take a Plenta, sugar-free, skinny, vanilla steamer, with whip, please, and thank you.” The news article today, which covered this April Fool’s prank put on by my favorite coffee house, stated that these tubs could be used as rain hats, in order to recycle them. Hubs is pretty much convinced that he could drink himself into a Plenta Mocha Breve stupor on Monday morning, and we decided that you’d probably have to heave that baby into the microwave a couple of different times, just to rewarm it, before you’d finished drinking it. The Plenta is a thing of beauty, people.

5. That’s about it. I have every intention of crawling into bed and finishing the last two chapters in the book I’m currently reading now, because I’ve been wanting to do this all day long. It’s not necessarily a good book, but my Type A personality is forcing me to finish it, and then I’m moving onto another Nicholas Sparks book, which my friend, Amy, loaned to me. I have to read it, so I can sob really hard and yell at Nicholas Sparks for writing yet another tragic ending, and I have to get it read quickly, because apparently the movie for this book is going to be out right directly, and Amy and I have enormous plans to see it. And it’s been my experience in life that the books are always better than the movies are, so I refuse to reverse things and read the book after seeing the movie. I just can’t do it. Clearly you understand why I’m off to finish the first book, so that I can get on with the other one.

Happy Thursday night, people.

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