Birthday Girls

Tomorrow is May 24th.

May 24th is a rather big day, because many things happened on that day.

On that day, a long, long time ago.

First of all, Sister was born. Sister is quite old now.

Isn’t she kind of cute?

Of course, she has had her moments in life, when she didn’t look terribly cute. One of those moments was a few years back, before either one of us had children. Back when neither one of us owned a digital camera, and we were all about the 35 mm rolls of film. You know, back in the olden days. On one of those olden days, when Sister was much, much younger, she showed up at my house and griped about puffy eyes. I whacked the ends off of a chilled cucumber out of my fridge and gave them to her. Sister put them on her eyeballs and laid down, so that gravity would hold the vegetable slices in place. And then I hauled out my old-fashioned 35 mm camera and snapped a picture, because Sister couldn’t see me coming with it, and because the urge to get a picture of Sister looking like this was absolutely overwhelming.

This is Sister when she was a third grader. That is exactly how old my boy is now. Sister was in the third grade a very, very long time ago. So long ago, in fact, that she rode a horse every morning to her one-roomed school house. If she was the first one to school, Sister would start a fire in the pot-bellied stove, to take the chill out of her classroom. Sister had a friend at school, too. Her name was Laura Ingalls. I told you that third grade was a long time ago for Sister. (And the glasses? Oh, Sister. They are fantastically huge! This must have been in the ’80s!)

My friend, Christy, was also born on May 24th. A long time ago. Christy kept busy by helping Betsy Ross sew things like the first American flag when she was younger. Sometimes Christy looks really beautiful, with her mouth all twisted sideways. I think Christy used to babysit me when I was a tiny baby, too. You know, years after she helped Mrs. Ross with the flag.

However, Christy can look rather dazzling, too, when her mouth isn’t all goofy. This is Christy, all dressed up, because she and Mrs. Ross were about to present the first flag to George Washington. Goodness, but is she ever old!

I kind of like both of these girls. I kind of like them a whole big gob. And if you know them, you might call them on May 24th and wish them a happy birthday. And then ask them what life was like before electricity and iPods and the invention of plastic, seeing as how they are both quite old now.

Happy birthday, Girls! I hope that you both find a whole lot of chocolate cake on a plate right in front of you!

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