Life Lessons

Hubs said to me earlier this evening, “So, I did some research online today on getting avocado seeds to grow, and I’m pretty sure you put yours in the water upside down.”

Isn’t that how things usually work for me? I take something good. I nurture it entirely the wrong way. I think that I’m doing my best with it, and yet I’m not.

And it molds.

I told Hubs, “I don’t think it matters which direction the seed sits in the cup of water; I think roots just know that they need to grow down.”

Hubs assured me that this was exactly where I’d tripped off the right path. Indeed, roots may know that they need to grow down, but when you’re taking care of something completely wrong in your life, the return on it isn’t going to be that great. All evening long now, I’ve been thinking to myself, “What else is upside down in my life, that I’m not even aware of? What else am I taking care of completely wrong? What else do I need to turn around in my life, so that it can grow? What sin do I have that needs to be taken care of?”

A little life lesson.

The other life lesson that I learned happened in my kindergarten PE class yesterday. One of my little guys said to me, “Oh, man! I can breathe a lot better now!”

“Why? Could you not breathe before? Are you okay?” This was from me. We had been playing a game with a whole! lot! of! running! in it, and this little guy was red-faced and sweaty and out of breath, and I wanted to make sure that he hadn’t overdone it.

“I was fine, I guess. But I had a giant booger in one part of my nose, so I pulled it out, and it just kept coming out and coming out, and now I can breathe a ton better! I have air in my nose now!”

The question that I absolutely refused to ask, for fear of the answer: “Where? Where is it now?” I did not ask this question; I have no idea where the giant booger ended up.

Life Lesson Number Two: Sometimes there are questions in life that you should ask yourself. You should ask yourself what you have in your heart that’s bearing fruit and what you have that needs some attention so that it can bear fruit. However, there are also questions in life which need no answers. Knowing where a kindergartner put a giant booger falls into this category.

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