Way-Back Wednesday

So I saw a thing today which was entitled Way-Back Wednesday, and it encouraged people to post pictures on their blogs from…well…way back when on Wednesday.

And today is Wednesday, although, I will admit, with us being smack-down-deep in summer vacation now, I’m having a hard time keeping track of the days. They’re sort of running together, but I did just take the boy to the weekly summer matinee today, where I endured the singing chipmunks, which made me clench my teeth and count the minutes until the movie finished. So I know it’s Wednesday, because we go to the matinees on Wednesdays.

Also? I may not be the world’s biggest fan of the singing chipmunks.

No matter.

My way-back pictures are these.

I know. Just go ahead and say it with me, people:

Oh my goodness, but was he ever stinking cute! Look at those cheeks!

And now he’s taller. And his team jersey isn’t quite as big on him. And he thinks that having a batting glove is cool.

But goodness! He’s still stinking cute, and I love this little punk to pieces!

1 thought on “Way-Back Wednesday

  1. He was so stinkin' cute…oh my gosh! And look at his beautiful batting form now. So sweet.

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