Game On

The golfing?

Yeah. It’s Game On again.

The boy and his pack of friends (like Enzo and Carter and the cute neighbor boy and G) smacked some balls around the golf course today. They smacked some really far, and then they gently putted a few more, and they all dreamed of the day when their mamas would give them enough cash to rent a golf cart.

And then I asked the boy, for the squillionth time, “Hey! Let’s get your hair cut this afternoon!” And, for the squillionth time, he said, “Um, no thanks.”

Life was just easier when the red suckers at the salon were such an attraction, the boy would gladly hop into the big twisty chair and let our stylist trim him up.

After golfing wrapped itself up, Hubs and the boy and I met the cute neighbor boy and his entire family in the park for a little picnic lunch. Even the cute older neighbor boys came.

And the boys? Well, they caught a crawdad in the creek, and there was much begging and pleading to keep it as a pet. It was missing a claw and needed a handicapped sticker to survive the creek at the park.

The cute neighbor boy’s dad caved; the handicapped crawdad is now living in their family’s giant fish aquarium. The boys were covered in mud and slop when they emerged from the creek, so we threw them into the cute neighbor boy’s pool all afternoon.

And the sunscreen? Well, we got it on the back and the shoulders and the ears, but our cheeks are pink tonight.

And Pink Cheeks Plus Long Hair Equals Heart Throb.

And Golfing in the Sun Plus Swimming All Afternoon in the Sun Equals Tired Kid. The boy is in the shower now, and he’s actually agreeing to my idea of an early bedtime.

And the VBS video, full of singing kids? Here it is. It’s just the sort of thing that grandmothers love. The boy is in the brown shirt, and his buddy, Carter, is next to him in the green and white stripes. My niece, L, is in front of them, wearing her hot pink tank top and boots.

Pretty stinking cute, aren’t they?

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