He Knows the Sign Language

The boy knows his sign language just as well as Helen Keller knew hers.

The only sign language that I know is the universal sign for choking. Knowing that one saves lives, and so I committed it to memory. Both hands around the throat. Got it.

But here’s the boy, showing you where he placed in the little putting competition he had on the golf course today. He’s the Number Two Putter, people! Hubs and I were a little proud of him. The boy and the golf? Well, they are tight.

And here? Well, this sign is easy. I said, “What’s Mama?” And he threw up the universal symbol for Numero Uno.

Because I am Number One. I’ll just go ahead and own that one.

And then, there’s the sign that the boy has been waiting a long, long time to flash, and he is so! blasted! excited! about it. It’s what’s coming this weekend. Mama’s dreading it, because it means we now have to use BOTH hands, to their full capacity, and Mama just wants to know how on earth THAT happened.

I mean, really. He weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces just yesterday, didn’t he?

Any guesses as to what’s happening at our house on Sunday??!

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