Bees. It’s What’s For Dinner.

This is why I love kindergarten PE so much.

“Hey, Teacher, do you know what my mom is making for dinner tonight at our house?”
No! Not beef! BEES!”
“Bees? Or beef?”
“Bees, Teacher!”
“Honey, you can’t eat bees for dinner! I bet your mom said ‘beef,’ and you just thought she was talking about bees.”
“No, Teacher! My mom said we’re having bees for dinner tonight, and I sure hope that my dad can cut the stingers off first, because I think I’d be scared to eat a bee, if he still had his stinger in his butt.”

I think even I’D be scared to eat a bee who was still sporting the little poisoned dart on his tail end.

This, by the way, is the small fry who has two noids about tornadoes.

And then this is the other reason I love kindergarten PE.

“Teacher, I have to miss all of gym class today. All of it. I have to sit in a chair on the side of the gym, and I can’t get up, because that’s what my teacher told me.”
“Why did she tell you that?”
“Well, because she said that I damaged school property, and my consequence is no gym class today, and she’s going to call my mom, too, and I’m not very happy about that.”
“Oh, that sounds bad.”
“Well, Teacher, it was the clothesline in our classroom where we hang our projects. It was just in my way, and it kept dangling on my head, and I was sick of it. So I ripped it down. And I guess ripping that clothesline down is called damaging school property.”
“Yes, I imagine that’s what it is called. That’s a bummer that you have to miss all of gym class today, because we were going to do something fun.”
“Well, what do you call it if you rip up your friends’ art work that was hanging on the clothesline in our classroom? Is that damaging school property, too? Because I ripped up two of my friends’ pictures, because I was all mad about the clothesline being in my face. And, Teacher, do you know what? My mom is going to be really upset about that. I wish my teacher wouldn’t call her, and I wish you’d make the other kids do something dumb in gym class today, so I wouldn’t miss it.”

Yes. The same boy. The boy who has a pair of noids about tornadoes.

He and I are becoming great buddies. And the little stinker kept waving to me from the chair on the side of the gym today. Oh, yes, he did! Throughout class, as the rest of us played a really fun game, every time I’d look over at him, he’d grin and wave at me.

It was almost enough to make me say, “Come play! You don’t have to sit there for the ENTIRE gym class!”

But consequences are consequences.

And maybe when his mom got that phone call this afternoon, she told his dad not to take the stingers out of HIS dinner!

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