They Can Pull Lights Out of Their Ears and Rabbits Out of Their Hats

On Saturday night, the boy and the cute neighbor boy put on a magic show for Hubs and me. They each took turns dazzling us, with trick after trick after trick.

I cannot even tell you how it warmed my heart! Because really? Is there anything better than watching your boy and his buddy display their raw, magical talent for you? Especially while they’re dressed in a Miami basketball jersey and top hat, and a navy blue suit jacket that’s two sizes too big? Hubs and I applauded like mad.

I know that the cinematography is exceptional, and the Academy has already called to inform me that I’ve been nominated for an Oscar. Although I was delighted with this, I really feel that I would be taking Oliver Stone’s and James Cameron’s chances of winning away from them, so I’ve declined the nomination. I’ll just treasure the fact in my heart that the Academy was pleased with my mad skillz behind the camera.

And the other thing? The boy was so impressed with the cute neighbor boy’s top hat that he shelled out twenty of his hard-earned dollars (Dollars earned by scooping dog poo for the neighbor!), so that he could purchase his own top hat online. Hubs and I rest peacefully at night, knowing that our boy will not be able to secure a date for himself while he’s wearing his being-shipped-to-our-house-as-we-speak costume accessory.

(Because honestly? It wasn’t Hubs’ top hat that made me swoon. It was actually his bread machine, which I coveted. That bread machine alone was worth walking down the aisle for!)

Without further ado, may I present two of my very favorite boys around, as they perform (and assist!) a trick known as THE MAGICAL LIGHTS?

(And, for the record, this was not even their grand finale to the show. Nope. Hubs and I were so thoroughly impressed, we thought that surely — SURELY! — this was the magnificent finale, and when we commented on it, the boys looked at one another with concern in their eyes. And then the cute neighbor boy said, “If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to pause for a break now and consult my book of magic tricks, so that we can come up with a grand finale.” And the boy added, “Yeah, we never even thought to have a great ending to this show!”)

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