Welcome to the New Blog


Welcome to the new blog address.  We’ve gone dot-com, and I’m kind of excited.  (Not excited enough to throw confetti, of course, because whenever I get the urge to throw confetti, I always stop and remind myself that I’m the maid at our house.  And maids, you know, run vacuum cleaners.  So I tend to limit the confetti-throwing at the Jedi Manor.  I also tend to limit the usage of such products commonly referred to as Play-Doh, glitter and sprinkles, for the exact same reason.)

(And yes, I know.  By limiting the exposure the boy has to glitter for his entire ten years, whenever he gets around the stuff, he gets a little Glitter Happy and sort of overdoses his artwork with it, and there’s nothing better than a sheet of construction paper with a pound of glitter stuck in a half-pound of Elmer’s glue on it.)

(Nothing.  Better.)

(Especially because it’ll take a week and a half to dry, and my floors will sparkle for months on end, because I can never manage to get all the glitter bits that fall off the paper vacuumed up, no matter how hard I try.)

Anyway, I had some problems with Blogspot.  No one else seemed to, so I certainly won’t criticize the free blogging domain here.  All of my friends who have blogs through Blogspot seem to get along with it just fine, but I never did.  And sometimes I wanted to bang my head against a brick wall, because Blogspot kept squishing my paragraphs all over the place and shrinking my font-size to microscopic dots.

At my age, I can’t read microscopic dots, and the Frustration would always settle in, as I diligently slaved away at editing and editing and editing, until Blogspot was happy with me.  I thought this was the way of life for everyone, until I put posts up for my friend Jodi, when she was in China, adopting her little girl.  I was prepared for Utter Frustration on Jodi’s blog, too, but low!  Jodi and Blogspot were good friends, and putting Jodi’s pictures in was as easy as warming up fish sticks in the oven.

And I was jealous.

But alas, Blogspot continued to mess with me, so we broke up, and we’ll see how this dot-com business works out.

And this post?  Oh, people. It’s wicked boring.  I actually had high hopes for my very first post written at the new blog address, but I’m under the influence of a Tylenol PM right now, and we’ve had a whirlwind of a weekend.

Which is, you know, no different than any other weekend at the Jedi Manor because we consider sleep and rest to be plum overrated on Saturdays and Sundays.

So I’ll catch y’all up on our fun activities later, but right now I’m going to crawl into my flannel pajamas and get into bed.

Anyway, look around the new blog a bit.  We’ll be tweaking it here and there.  We’ll be adding things, I imagine, and taking other things off, because it’s not quite perfect yet.

And when I saw we, I do mean Hubs.

On account of the simple fact that I am computer illiterate.  (Although I am quite good at online shopping.)

And, if you want to know my favorite thing about the new blog, it’s the pictures of Yoda and R2D2 that the boy drew for me, which Hubs threw up there in the new blog banner.  I love that ten-year-old’s artwork.

As long as it isn’t laced with glitter.

Happy Sunday night, y’all.

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