I Probably Won’t Quit the Day Job to Become a Comedian

Hubs and I are about to have a wrapping party.

I just told him, “Hey.  We have loads of gifts to wrap.  Get some tape and come help me.”

Hubs replied, “You get me for twenty minutes; I’ve got an Avalanche game to watch, and I’m not sacrificing THAT for a wrapping party.”

Oh!  The abuse, people!

But really?  I mostly just hate the small fact that I lost out to Adam Foote tonight.

So this is the final post until this Christmas becomes a Christmas Past.  I’ll see y’all on Sunday night, but, before I zip off to gather holiday paper and scissors, I have a joke for you.

A joke that fits right in with this blog site.

DARTH VADER:  Luke, I know what you’re getting for Christmas.

LUKE SKYWALKER:  How do you know what I’m getting for Christmas?

DARTH VADER:  Because, Luke, I have felt your presents.

And this, my friends, is where I fire off my mad scientist laugh.


(Secretly?  You loved that joke, didn’t you?  I know that everyone is quietly laughing to themselves at their computers.)

Anyway, may y’all have a blessed Christmas.  And may y’all remember why we have Christmas.  Because 2000 years ago a baby was born, and He grew up to save the world.

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