Our Weekend Spun Us Right ‘Round, Like a Record, Baby, Right ‘Round…

Our weekend was, predictably, packed to the gills.

We like to treat our weekends like old station wagons (the kind with the wood-grain paneling and the rear-facing backseat, which were SO COOL way back when, but would now be nothing short of the worst embarrassment in life to any junior high child).

A family could fit a whole lot into those station wagons of yesteryear, and the Jedi Family can cram a whole lot into a single weekend.

And tomorrow night, if you’re lucky, I’ll outline the highlights of our weekend, because I’m sure that there are really people out there who are waiting, with held breath, to hear about everything we did.

Like how we spilled the $3.50 Mountain Dew in the movie theater, and then the kid next to us spilled his popcorn, which stuck in the Dew on the floor.

Good times, people. Good times.

Right now, though, I’m going to go wrestle the checkbook around a little bit and finish writing checks for a couple of bills, because I AM SUCH A FAN OF OLD-FASHIONED! Why pay bills online, effortlessly and in seconds, when you can laboriously write checks and cram them into envelopes and address the envelopes and stick them with stamps and carry them to the post office to mail out? Or better yet, DRIVE them to the post office in your old station wagon.

With the wood-grain paneling.

For tonight, though, I will leave you this one snapshot.

Go ahead and say it.


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