The New Play List is Still a Little Loud

Do you see this little piece of fruit here?

It is a clear indicator that Hubs saw the Apple, and he (finally!) decided that it was good.

And I am home alone with it, and sweet mercy!  I have no idea how to resize my Christmas pictures, on account of the simple fact that THE CAMERA!  IT TAKES SOME REALLY GIGANTIC PICTURES!  And if I don’t resize them, then y’all will spend a sweet forever trying to open them on your home computers and smart phones, and you’ll begin mumbling breathy foulness about Jedi Mama’s inconsiderate behavior on NOT shrinking the pictures’ file sizes just a smidgen.

And my resident computer guru?


And, people, I’ve DILIGENTLY TRIED to see what I can do to resize things on a new computer by myself, but no habla es computers.  I consider it nothing short of a post-Christmas miracle that I was able to take this snapshot of the Apple symbol with my phone and actually successfully import it into the blog.

Occasionally, when left to my own defenses, I can come up aces.

Most of the time, though, I simply throw my hands into the air and give up.  It’s a coping skill which has served me well for years.

So suffice it to say that THE CHRISTMAS PICTURES!  THEY ARE COMING!  And hopefully they will show up sometime before St. Patrick’s Day.

And today?  Well, I made myself a new play list on the iPod that was aimed smack at intensive housework.  And that play list?  Well, people, it covered a plethora of musical geniuses, and it didn’t adhere to any single genre, but OH MY WORD!  It was nothing short of sweet musical perfection, and I played the songs rather loudly.

Hubs would have been proud of the decibels I achieved today, because usually my SENIOR CITIZEN EARS bleed out if the volume dial gets turned too far to the right.

Def Leppard made the cut on the play list today.  (You knew they would!)  So did some old Quiet Riot.  And Joan Jett.  And Brooks and Dunn.  And Garth Brooks.  And Ratt, Cyndi Lauper, Cheap Trick, Craig Morgan, Bryan Adams, John Cougar, Lady Ga Ga, and Sawyer Brown all got themselves in there, too.  And with all of the upbeat, jazzy little songs blasting from the iPod, I scoured like a maid on a Mountain Dew IV drip.

And I also fought off Cat 2 today, as she was POWERFULLY DETERMINED to drag the frog tank down and see about having little Yoda Joe, the fire-bellied tree frog, for a snack.  Cat 2 was on a mission today, and neither hell nor high waters were going to distract her from getting that poor amphibian, so we had some serious Feline Discipline Procedures this morning, which seemed to work for a bit.  The jury, however, is still out, because I suspect that Cat 2 is simply on a break from the hunt, during which she’s reevaluating and restocking her ammo supplies.

So, people, that was my day.  I failed at figuring the new computer out, but I totally scored with a kicky little play list.  And I used some Clorox and some Pledge and the vacuum cleaner and some Tide.  (Actually, I used a WHOLE BIG LOT of Tide, on account of DIRTY LAUNDRY!  EVERYWHERE!)

And if anyone cares, I am hoping to post some Christmassy snapshots tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or maybe even the day after that…

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