This is Where a Title Would Go, if I Could Actually Think of One

1.  Today is Brother Joel’s birthday.  And Hubs’ mama’s birthday.  Because apparently Hubs’ mama thought that spending her birthday, years and years ago, in the labor and delivery room would be a good idea.  And, due to the small fact that CRASH!  CRASH!  OUR PC CRASHED, we don’t currently have a scanner hooked up to the new Apple, because OH MY WORD.  Apples and antique Dells, like Old Bessie was, do not run scanners in the same way, and apparently we need some software now in order to have scanning capabilities at the Jedi Manor, and just thinking about it makes the analytical part of my brain ache, because that’s the part of my brain which is seldom used.  This is good news for the birthday people in our family today, because I can’t scan old, embarrassing snapshots of them.

Suffice it to say that I would, if I could.  You totally know that!  So I’ll just have to give a big birthday shout-out to Hubs’ mama and Brother Joel, who’s the NICE brother in Hubs’ family.  The polite brother.  The brother with manners.  The brother who would stop and change your flat tire for you, instead of watching you struggle with it yourself, while he laughed uproariously.

(Not that I know any husbands or brothers who would laugh like that at a lady in distress, but I can tell you this story.  Hubs’ mama said that she got a phone call once when Brother was in grade school, because he’d been in a fight.  The teachers discovered an enormous pack of little girls in a brawl on the playground, and, after peeling them all apart, there was Brother, at the bottom of the pile.)

(Brother Joel would never have given a bunch of girls any reason to beat him up.  He would have been inside the school building, studying.)

(Hubs would have been yelling at the pack of girls and doing his very best to shove them off of Brother.  Most definitely, Hubs would NOT have been inside studying.)

2.  Just a few hours ago, our seven-year-old nephew, M, decided that having an appendix wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be, so he decided to get rid of his, in the form of a little emergency surgery.  The poor fellow.  He’s cute as a bug’s left ear, and Hubs and I dashed down to the local Wal-Mart, where we bought a box of Get Well Soon Legos.

Everyone knows Legos make the world a good place to live.

Especially if you’re just recently short one appendix.

3.  This has been the scene at our house for much of the evening:

What do you think my odds are of getting the two of them to sleep at a decent hour, so that my elderly self can take my fiber pills and crawl into bed?

4.  Yes, I know that my wickedly good photography skills focused the camera smack-dab on Ben’s hand, so that the boys’ faces are a bit blurry.  It’s why I teach PE for a living and don’t work as a wedding photographer.  If I did that, my slogan would be, “Yes, I do weddings.  When you want your cake in focus, while you and your husband’s faces are blurry blobs, I can preserve that memory for you on Kodak paper forever.”  Instead, I took the easy career path.  I get to say things  like, “Keep it clean.  No dodge balls to the face.  If you catch the ball, the thrower is out.  On your marks, get set, GO!”

5.  I’d like to end my last blog post of 2010 with something meaningful to say, but the wrinkles in my brain are coming up empty on that one. The meaningful stuff never lives long in my gray matter.

However, I have a little gem for you that was passed along to me by my darling friend, Peggy.

Peggy works in a law firm, and last month, on a cold, drizzly day, she had to run an errand downtown.  She’d never been to the building that she was headed to before, so she told me, “I just said a little prayer and asked God to show me exactly where I was supposed to be.”  Off she went.  When she got to the address she’d written down, there was a parking spot, front and center.  Peggy was thrilled that she wouldn’t have to spend any time running through the rain at all.  She put her signal on and parked, right there by the building’s front door.

And then she decided that she was in the WRONG BLOCK.  She decided that she needed to be a couple of blocks over.  So she pulled out of that front-row parking spot, and she drove to where she thought she was supposed to be.

And that wasn’t the right address at all.  The first building was where Peggy was supposed to be.  God had opened up a beautiful parking spot for her there, at just the right location, and she’d pulled out of it, as she decided she needed to be somewhere else.

By the time Peggy returned to the first building on that rainy morning, there were no parking spaces to be had. She circled the block, over and over and over, trying to find somewhere close to leave her car, so that she didn’t have to spend a lot of time running through the rain.

She told me exactly what she said to God, too.  “Lord, this is so typical of me.  You lead me to exactly the spot where I am supposed to be, provide me with the prime spot to park, and I doubt!  Then I put on MY signal, and I drive off.   That’s when I realize that I was where You wanted me to be in the first place, only I chose to drive off.  And when I returned, You had given my provision to someone else.  If I were only to slow down, listen, and pay attention to You, I wouldn’t find myself in these situations.”

And then Peggy added, “I just need to concentrate on God’s leading and quit leading myself around.”

And that, people, is what I’m going to leave y’all with, as we wrap up 2010.  One of my own resolutions for 2011 is to do exactly what Peggy recommended.

Slow down.

And listen.

And stop leading myself around.

Which I am quite good at wanting to do.

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