Is It Primarily Bananas You Eat?

On Friday, when the boy came home from school, I asked him how his day had gone, and he enthusiastically responded by saying, “Oh, Mom!  This was the very! best! day! ever! at school, because our teacher showed us this video about animals, and I’ve never laughed so hard in my whole life!  And guess what, Mom?  She even emailed you the link for it!”

Well, then.

Apparently having great hair with gravity-defying bangs, a fantastic pair of Jordache jeans, and a dusty rose Shaker sweater aren’t the only things that can ensure your day is the best one ever at school.

Hubs and I watched the video together, and all I have to say is OH MY WORD!  The two of us showed off our genuine maturity to one another, as we slapped the desk and hooted and laughed until we cried, all while shouting out, “QUIT LAUGHING!  DANG IT!  I CAN’T HEAR THE VIDEO WITH YOU CACKLING OUT LOUD LIKE THAT!”  But really?  Quitting the cackling and the hooting wasn’t even an option, because apparently Hubs and I are easily entertained by the antics of animals captured on high-definition, digital wonderment.

I think this video has had forty million hits.  Our home computer alone counts for half of those hits, on account of the small fact that YES!  YES, WE WATCHED IT MANY TIMES!  And do you know what?  It just never, ever gets old.

And the best part?  It’s the monkey dentist, hands down!  I’m giggling just thinking about him!  Hubs, though, will say he laughed the hardest at the owls after their twelfth cup of coffee, while the boy adored the prairie dog who kept shouting to get Allen’s attention and the little bird who danced to a Michael Jackson song.

Go!  Run like the wind! Watch the video!  And see if your abs don’t get a fantastic workout from all the laughing.  Just make sure you turn your speakers up, because you’ll laugh right over the top of what those crazy animals are saying.


And happy Monday night, y’all.

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