Mini Vader

Hubs’ good friend, Greg, emailed us a link for a video this afternoon, and he typed these words:  “For some reason, this totally reminds me of the boy!”

Yes.  Yes, it does.  I can see why Greg made that connection, and listen, y’all.  This video?  Well, it’s PRICELESS!  It’s sweet commercial perfection, and the boy could have been the star when he was five years old, on account of the simple fact that he wore his Darth Vader helmet and his snowboots everywhere, and he was constantly flapping his hands around, using The Force.  May I present you with photographic evidence from the year 2005 of our boy?

So click below and watch the video tonight, and giggle out loud exactly like Hubs and I did.

Well done, Volkswagen.  Absolute aces!  You have our vote for the Oscar, where commercials are concerned.  Our only regret is that you didn’t dream up this advertising campaign five years ago; the boy would have auditioned.  And also, Volkswagen?  The boy can swing a light saber like it’s an Olympic event.  I’m just sayin’.

Click here:

Mini Vader

1 thought on “Mini Vader

  1. We watched this, and watched it, and laughed. Thx for sharing! Loved the boy’s boots. 🙂 And your little Jedi, he his growing up into an adorable young man. A-DOR-A-BLE!!

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