Valentine’s Day — A Series of Lovable Photographs

I asked him if I could take some pictures of him for Valentine’s Day.

He was quite happy to model for me.

He gets his behavior from his dad.  I take absolutely no responsibility for this.

(And yes, we’re well aware of the fact that we will be buying our orthodontist a vacation home in Italy for all the work he’ll be doing on those teeth.  We’ve already met with the orthodontist numerous times, and he, in turn, has already met with his foreign real estate agent.)

And remember this little creature from yesterday’s blog post?  The cylindrical oatmeal container which was morphed into a frog-shaped Valentine’s Box?

Second Place, people! The boy, who nixed my Lazy Girl plan to paint a genuine mailbox with red paint and adorn it with stickers, pulled this little number off all by himself.  (Well, all by himself, with the help of his good friend,  Hot Glue Gun.)  He came away with the Silver Medal in his class contest for the best Valentine’s Box, because a punk of a little girl dolled HER boxes up like a wedding cake that stood as tall as she is.  Oh, yes!  She started with a giant box on the bottom, and the boxes gradually got smaller and smaller, until there was an itty-bitty cardboard square on the top, and the whole thing looked like a wedding cake baked especially for Prince William and Kate.

And honestly, how could we even compete with something that had to be wheeled in on an ox cart?  Our family was quite pleased to receive the silver medal and a COUPON FOR ONE NIGHT OF PASSING ON THE HOMEWORK, because the Goliath wedding cake box won a book.

And when all the apples and oranges are counted at the end of the harvest, my boy considered a pass for a night off from homework to be TOTAL ACES when compared to a book.

A book, which wasn’t Calvin and Hobbes, which means he wouldn’t have even read it.  Ever.

So really?  Second Place was really FIRST PLACE in his eyes.

And yes, I have loads of pictures to share with y’all from the class party and from the ensuing floor hockey game which disrupted dinner on Valentine’s Day, but honestly, I’m exhausted by the mere thought of the effort it’ll require to lengthen this post, and Hubs and I are going to watch Inception tonight.

I know.  It’s not exactly a mood movie for Valentine’s Day, and it totally vetoes my pick of Pretty in Pink (“What about prom, Blaine?!”), but that’s what happens when the Y chromosome is left to select a holiday movie.

Which then made me think, “What’s the best romantic movie out there?”

Oh, people.  Don’t even get me started; I could rattle off a dozen plus eighteen more for you, but I’ve narrowed it down tonight to my top five.

1.  Pretty in Pink. Because, let’s face it — we all swooned just a little bit when Blaine used some mad DOS programming skills to chat with Andie in the computer lab.  We thought that he was a gifted programmer, who would be going places in his pastel shirts.  And really?  Was there a cuter best friend than Duckie Dale?

2.  Pretty Woman. Because we all wanted Vivian Ward’s hair.  And really?  Did it matter much at all that Edward Lewis was a bit of a wimp, who had probably never seen a hockey game in real life before?  He made us all swoon just a tiny bit.

3.  Footloose. Because I wanted Ariel Moore’s red boots, and I wanted Ren McCormack to move to Small Town, USA and take me for a ride in his VW Beetle.  And the angry dance?  Well THAT made the hearts of fourteen year old girls beat a bit harder all across America!  And let’s not forget the soundtrack, which I happened to have on a giant 12-inch piece of vinyl.  Yes, people!  VINYL.  And “Holding Out for a Hero” had a scratch in it, which caused me to flail around in my own version of the angry dance.

4.  13 Going on 30. Because it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it; when Matty gives Jenna Rink her cardboard house back, I sob uncontrollably.  And “Thriller.” Enough said.

5.  The Notebook. Because Noah and Allie’s story is the sweetest ever, and I hope, in the back of my heart, that Hubs would record OUR story in a notebook to read to me every single day, if I’m ever suffering from the Alzheimer’s.  (But then I remember, in the back of my heart, that Hubs’ idea of WRITING involves penning the words Coke and Jalapenos on the grocery list, which is usually all he can get out before Writer’s Block and the Carpal Tunnel set in.)

So that’s my list of my five top favorites?  Which ones would you throw on there?

Happy Valentine’s Day, people!

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