Mars and Venus in the 4th Grade

Last week in church, the message was from 2 Chronicles.  As we have every week, we had a blank insert in our bulletins, so that we could take notes if we wanted to.

As he does every week, the boy used the insert for drawing on.  The little girl in front of us did, too.  SHE drew a picture of a little girl with a giant bow in her hair, surrounded by wildflowers and a kitten, all in front of a tidy little house with curtains hanging in all the windows.  It was a sweet drawing — something her mama can treasure forever.

And then I looked down at what my boy was busy drawing, as he sat in his seat right beside me, and I realized that the differences between boys and girls extends clear to what they put on the blank sheet of paper meant for sermon notes, because the boy certainly didn’t draw a little girl with a big bow.  He didn’t draw flowers.  He didn’t draw fuzzy kittens.  He didn’t use his architectural knowledge to draw a nice Victorian house on a corner lot with curtains that Grandma made hanging in the windows.


And then there was the BACK SIDE of the paper:

And what do I have to say about all of this?

I don’t think that the box loaded with TNT fits the time period represented here, because, if memory serves me right, TNT wasn’t THAT old when Pa Ingalls had to use it, but at least the Hooked on Phonics is continuing to work out well for us.

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