Shiver Me Timbers, Mate!

We’re still rolling along with Spring Break ’11 here at the Jedi Manor.

Regardless of the fact that the boy has TWO (one! two!) friends who are in San Diego, reclining on the beach and learning to surf for THEIR spring breaks, and one friend who is in Mexico for vacation, and one friend who is in Major Thriving Metropolis, and another buddy who has flown across the US to visit his relatives and a theme park, we are at home.  In Small Town, USA.  Because of BROKE.

(Remember?  “The poor will always be among you.”)

No matter.  We’re making our vacation days at home count.  We’re laying low.  We’re visiting the cinema.  We’re playing hard.

We’re NOT drilling flashcards or wasting time reading books or using Clorox wipes to clean toothpaste splatters off of our bathroom sinks.

Today, Captain Jack Sparrow and his shipmate swung swords all over my house and informed me that if I didn’t hand over decent snacks this afternoon, I’d be forced to walk the plank.

I asked them if the plank was over a TROPICAL OCEAN, like in the Carribbean or off the coast of Mexico, or perhaps even docked in Hawaiian waters.  I was then informed that their ship is anchored in FRIGID waters with floating icebergs.

The boy and his buddy, Gage, had themselves some decent snacks.  Aaargh!

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