Everyone’s Always Proving a Theory Plum Wrong

The family room at the Jedi Manor is currently decorated like this:

Enzo and Eli and their sleeping bags and their toothbrushes have moved in with the boy for the night.

All three of these boys went on a day-long field trip for school today, which involved much hiking and much walking and much playing with GPS units, to hone their pirate skills of finding buried treasure.  The field trip also involved some sunshine and some pink cheeks.

All three of these boys endured an hour-long soccer practice this evening, which involved RUNNING!  RUNNING!  RUNNING!  And also KICKING!  KICKING!  KICKING!

All three of these boys came back to our house after soccer practice and ran approximately seven additional miles outside, while they screamed like warriors, threw rocks, and dug holes in a dirt pile with shovels.

All three of these boys have filled their bellies with cheese pizza and S’Mores.

In theory, all three of these boys should be worn out and tired.  In theory, all three of these boys should be yawning and exclaiming, “Oh, we are SO TIRED!  Can we just go to sleep now?”

In reality, they ARE in their sleeping bags.

And they are battling it out with one another by slamming pillows in each other’s faces and shrieking in ecstatic happiness while they beat one another at video games.

I’m going to go downstairs right now and tell them that the last boy to fall asleep has to scrub my toilets tomorrow morning!

Wish me luck, people.

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