Spring May Have Sprung

Regardless of the fact that this has been the winter which just won’t die, I think springtime might officially be here.

The reason that I know that springtime has struck Small Town, USA is simple.  We had soccer practice indoors today, because of the on-again-off-again-can’t-make-up-its-mind blizzard that was raging outside.  The weather in Small Town always likes to throw down some good springtime snowstorms.

And that’s when we move soccer inside.

The other reason that I know spring is officially here is this:  Yoda Joe, the yodeling frog from the depths of a South American rain forest, and Gru, the sober-looking frog from a creek right here in Small Town, have both begun to make exotic noises.

We learned that Yoda Joe yodels when we are late with the crickets.  Because a yodeling frog is eighteen kinds of wrong that will make you want to STEP ON HIM and be DONE WITH IT at 2:00 in the morning, we are never, ever late with his dinners.


And since Gru, the NON-COMPLAINER, is participating in a quiet, albeit throaty, baritone, I know what the problem is.

Those two frogs have food.  They have water.  They have big rocks to sun themselves on.  All of their comforts have been met except for…

… springtime girlfriends, and they are working on vocally summoning a couple to our house.

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