Step Aside, Ms. Pac Man! Gather Up Your Bananas and Strawberries and Go On Home!

So I got a new cell phone today.

Or rather, I got a new cell phone TWO MONTHS AGO, but it was finally activated today.

And me having a new handheld piece of technology is like waving a Bic lighter around the plastic gas can.  It’s the exact reason why Hubs won’t hire me to be the receptionist at his IT company.

Apparently Hubs thinks a girl should know more about computers than how to type in her credit card number at Mini-Boden-dot-com if she’s going to work for him.  Personally, I like to just pretend that having a beauty like me in the front office would be a distraction for him, as he made continual excuses to walk up front and use the copier just to gaze upon me, and THAT’S why he shot me down when I asked him if he’d like me to sit at the front desk and answer the phones.

Because SWEET MERCY!  If there’s one thing I CAN do, it’s talk on the phone!

I already have my opening lines down pat, too.  Memorized them in no time at all.

“Hello!  Hubs’ IT Business, where we can fix your computers, but please!  Don’t waste a lot of breath telling ME what’s wrong with your Dell, because all I can suggest is wiggling the cords in the back a little bit!  Just let me know where I should direct your call, and have a nice day.”

But listen, y’all.  All on my own (and just let THAT little statement of fact sink in for a minute), I managed to install the Ant Smasher app on my new phone today, and I have had THE MOST FUN EVER smacking my right index finger against my phone’s screen, squashing ants for points as they crawl all over the place, and it took me exactly two games to realize that smashing the WASPS was NOT what you wanted to do, because squishing one of those so that the green goo splatters all over the screen causes the GAME OVER light to flash.

I totally OWN the Ant Smashing High Score.

I’m afraid it’s an addiction worse than Ms. Pac Man.

I think I’m going to go on ahead and fill out a second resume for Hubs’ little business.

I didn’t list Professional Ant Smasher App Installer as one of my qualifications for the job the first time I interviewed, and I’m thinking it’s going to make a whole world of difference now with the boss.

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