Look! Look What I Snuggled Today!

Do you know how I spent my day today?

The boy and I, along with Amy and her two girls, met at Regs’ house.  And then we said, “Anyone who weighs more than nine pounds goes outside!”  That cleared six children out of Regan’s living room.

And the one who weighed LESS THAN nine pounds?

Well, Baby Hudson got to stay inside with us.  And Regs and Amy and I squeezed him and smooched him.  And we fought over who had held him long enough.  We were like second graders who needed a timer set that would ding and say, “Amy, pass the baby to someone else now!  Your turn is over!”

And then we squished and folded Baby Hudson in all kinds of different spots, and we wrapped him in blankets, and we tried on different hats and outfits, and I practiced with my camera.

The result?

I am not a very good photographer, even though I HUGELY WISH that I was.  But Hudson is so blasted cute, he totally rocked his first ever photo shoot.

Regs, your new baby could not possibly be any sweeter or cuter!  He gave Amy and I a terrible case of the IWAN Disorder.

IWAN.  It’s short for I Want A Newborn!

Actually, I think I just have IWAH — I Want A Hudson!

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