Raptors Bite Bats, 17 to 7

Clearly, it’s summer around here.

I know this because the bottoms of the boy’s feet are…how do you say it in English?


And low!  Before you accuse me of being a sub-par parent who doesn’t make the boy shower, I would just like to go on the witness stand and say, “Your Honor, he took a shower last night.  And then he soaked in the tub this morning until he was a wrinkled prune.  I take no responsibility for the condition of his feet.”

I also know that it’s summer, because all of my blog posts could be written with the exact same sentences.

We took advantage of the nice weather.  We did some outside things.  We laughed while we were drinking apple juice.  THAT wasn’t a good idea, because apple juice tends to find an alternative escape hatch when you laugh while you’re drinking it.  We did some lazy, fun things with people we like.  We didn’t really watch the clock, because we are living in the world of UNSCHEDULED-NESS.

People, our days are nothing but a warm, sugar-scented blur of fun and good times, and I simply don’t have a lot to write about.

Today is no exception.  I could tell you that THE POWDERED HAIR TEXTURIZER!  I AM IN LOVE! And then I could tell you that Mika and I met at the theater today with our kids, where we saw Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and that we plum loved it.  And I could tell you how Mika and I chattered on and on, through all the movie previews, until Teegan and Tavy and the boy ALL leaned over and said, “Can you guys please be quiet for the movie?”  And then I could tell you that we played outside and stopped at Wal-Mart because we were COMPLETELY OUT OF COFFEE MATE, which constituted a life emergency.  And I could tell you about how we spent some quality time at the park, playing with close friends.

And after I told you all of that, the blog post would be over.

And then I could tell it all to you again tomorrow, because that’s how things will probably shake down around here then, too.

So…to keep you entertained this evening, I’ll just share some baseball snapshots with you, because Hubs and I are spending MANY, MANY NIGHTS sitting on the metal bleachers, blowing the shells of sunflower seeds through our teeth.

Last night, the Bats (which is the boy’s baseball team) played the Raptors (which is Cousin B’s baseball team).  We tried to cheer for everyone through the 5th inning, when the score was simply 7 to 4, with the Raptors barely holding the lead.  But then, in the 5th inning, when the Raptors decided to…oh, I don’t know!…bat through their lineup two full times and let everyone experience the roaring thrill of BATS OF FIRE AT THE PLATE, Hubs and I PLUM QUIT cheering for the Raptors, because we had to dish out emotional support to our little Bats, who were trailing, 7 to 17, and who were trying to cast spells on the batters that would cause them to strike out just by glaring them down.

It’s all fun in baseball, people!

The boy batted, but I guess he decided that he did all of his hitting during our LAST GAME, because last night he took two walks and fell victim to a strike-out.

B batted last night, too, which is what tends to happen in a baseball game.  Boys bat in baseball.  (I do love a sentence filled with alliteration.)  I also LOVE left-handed batters, because I can see their faces when I take pictures of them from our spot on the bleachers.  Thankfully, B and the boy BOTH bat as lefties.

Although right-handed batters, like Kellen, are cute (I won’t argue that!), it’s a lot harder to get a decent picture of them while they’re batting on this particular ballfield.

I should also show you that STICKING YOUR TONGUE OUT A LITTLE BIT definitely helps when you’re swinging for the fence.  May I present the boy as Exhibit A?

And here’s Cousin B as Exhibit…well…B!

Kellen did a fantastic job of pitching for us last night.

Teegan played short stop for a while.  (And that’s a very blurry Enzo in the background there!)

The boy played second base last night, with his cleats completely untied.  Hubs’ mama called my cell phone TWICE from her parked spot near the outfield to let us know that the uniform had a flaw which was going to cause the boy to break his neck.  Twice Hubs and I told the boy to tie his cleats.  Twice his coach told him to tie his cleats.  The cleats NEVER were tied.  We’re going to have the boy’s HEARING tested this week!

The boy’s good buddy, Carter, hadn’t planned to play baseball this summer, and when he finally decided to give it a go and sign up, our school’s team roster was full.  Full plus two already!  So Carter had to be drafted elsewhere this summer, and he ended up on B’s team.  We did cheer obnoxiously for Carter last night, which made him grin!

Dude!  We love the orange cleats!  It’s so easy to see you out there on the field, when everyone looks alike in their uniforms and hats!

Of course, our good friend, Seth, plays for the Raptors, too.  He played catcher last night, so Hubs and I were able to smack-talk him all night long through the fence, since the bleachers are right beside home plate.  We said things like, “You’re going down, Seth!” and “Catch the ball, Catcher!” Seth knows that we love him.  He knows that I’ve changed his diaper before, too!

And here’s the boy and B, in a shot TOGETHER.  B was playing first base, and the boy was on first, ready to split and run to second base.

And sometimes, when you’re standing on the base, waiting to run, life gets extremely BORING.  Or so your expression says.

Let’s show a little enthusiasm out there, boys!!

The boy, as Exhibit A.

And B, as Exhibit TWO!

Of course, all the action wasn’t just out on the ballfield.  We had all kinds of fun in the cheering section.

The boy’s cousin, K, shared his super buttery popcorn with me and grinned for the camera.  (Don’t you just love those tiny freckles?!)

And then the boy’s cousin, W, is growing his hair out.  LONG. I think he’s cute as a button, so I yelled out at one point, “Hey, Long Haired Cutie!  Can I snap your picture?”  Some Concerned Citizens who know W from school raised an eyebrow which clearly said, “Should we call the police because the paparazzi are here?” Thankfully, W said, “Don’t worry.  That crazy lady is my aunt!”

I do love that boy!

And then Cousin M was there, attempting to scrounge American dollars from me to buy sugar from the concession stand.  Sadly, I had no coins in any of my pockets to give to him.  This is the precise moment when he decided to blackmail me and say, “Then I won’t smile for you, since you don’t have any money for me!”  And then I decided to blackmail little M, as I said, “Well, I know for a fact that your birthday party is tomorrow, and I’m going to be bringing Polly Pockets and Barbie dolls, if you don’t smile.”

Please refer to the following picture to see which choice M made:

That’s a smile worthy of Birthday Legos, if I ever saw one!  Isn’t he just plum sweet?

Miss A was at the game, too.  She didn’t need American dollars from me, because she was holding Papa’s hand!  And Papa was walking her straight to the concession stand and the Land of Sugary Goodness.

And Seth’s little sister, Anna, and her cousin, Emme, were running all over the place last night, too.  When they noticed that I had a camera, they begged (BEGGED!  AND BEGGED!) me to snap their pictures. Over.  And over.  And over. And that is why I have approximately forty-one photos of Anna and Emme on my camera at the moment, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Anna and I are tight!

And poor Anna has undergone a little Summer Accident, which left its mark on her forehead.

And that, people, wrapped up the ballgame.  The Raptors squashed the Bats last night, by ten entire runs, but the Bats were still in high spirits afterward, because it’s SUMMER VACATION!

And even losing a baseball game cannot subtract from the joy that a ten-year-old boy has when he’s looking three months of NO SCHOOL square in the eye.

You’ll get ’em next time, Bats.

I know this, because the boy and the cute neighbor boy spent the entire afternoon today hitting balls off of the boy’s batting machine.  They’re all practiced up for the next big game.

Happy Wednesday night, people.


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