Cold Fellows

After grabbing the boy from the golf course this afternoon, where he was perfecting his chipping technique and assuring me that every dime I’ve invested into golf lessons this summer is being put to good use, we threw Carter into our Suburban, and we drove thirty miles down the interstate.

The boys had made plans yesterday to visit the coldest pool in our state together this afternoon, and we didn’t let a little thing like VERY CHILLY DAY or IMPENDING RAIN CLOUDS ON THE HORIZON hinder our mission.

The boys were determined to swim, but when you haven’t reached your life goal of weighing 70 pounds yet, you tend to get a little blue in the lips while your knees shake like Aspen leaves.  Regardless, they gave the water all the braveness they possessed.

Because the pool was the temperature of liquid nitrogen, and because the wind was blowing a cool breeze, and because the sky was turning black with the threatening rain, the boys’ braveness lasted exactly twenty minutes before they developed frostbite.

Their teeth were chattering so horrendously, neither one of them could form intelligible words in English, so they made an attempt to suck whatever heat they could find out of the sidewalk.

I have to give them credit, though, because they lasted twenty minutes longer than I would have lasted in that pool this afternoon.

So, with swimming out as an option of entertainment, we headed to the park, where we discovered tire swings.


At some point, the Superman disguise was thrown aside, and Ozzy Osbourne made a brief appearance at the park.

When the black clouds finally unleashed a torrent of rain on us, we ran for the Suburban, where the boys immediately began saying, “We.  Are.  Hungry.”

It’s the life motto of a ten-year-old boy.  I have finally come to accept the fact that they are never NOT hungry.

I told them that we’d whip through McDonald’s and get a little road snack, and then we’d head for home.  They were thrilled.

And then they gave me their orders for a little road snack.

They each wanted two cheeseburgers and medium-sized fries.  I said, “Um, that isn’t very little!”  Carter yelled, “Have you seen the size of the cheeseburgers?”  This was right before the boy shouted out, “Yeah!  They’re made for preschoolers!  Having two IS a little snack for kids OUR size!”

So be it.  It’s going to take more than two cheeseburgers to push these two fellows to the seventy pound mark.  They shivered that many calories off at the pool this afternoon!  I had to replenish their energy source.

I hope y’all had as much fun today as we did, cold water and all.

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