Just Hanging Out

Our weeks around here have been CRAZY INSANE with adventure.

And with running back and forth, between this event and that barbecue and this playtime at the park.

And with dirty dishes.  And laundry.  And dust bunnies the size of house cats beneath the beds.  And weeds that seem to grow exactly where we wish they WOULDN’T grow.

Most weeks, we get a little dizzy, and we feel a little upside down.

But we wouldn’t trade all the comings and goings and running and twisting and having a jam-packed social calendar for anything, because the alternative involves scratchy jeans and a teacher who is going to ask you to give your thoughts on the chapter you just read.  And, unlike a book club, where there’s always cheesecake and wine while you present your thoughts on a chapter to the group, the teacher is going to make you do it without snacks.

So, for another month here, we’re going to enjoy the long days.  We’re going to enjoy the late bedtimes and all the sleeping in.  We’re going to enjoy having dinner at 8:00 in the evenings on the deck, because OH MY WORD!  The temperature has finally dropped by that time.  We’re going to enjoy all the swimming and the biking and the trampoline jumping and the golfing and the eating, because I think we’ve managed to eat our way through June and July.

And we’ll keep smiling whenever we feel a little upside down with it all.

Happy Tuesday night, everyone.


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