Pots O’ Gloss

So you know that little girls DON’T live at your house when your dinner table conversation goes like this:

“Mom, you know when I went with Enzo today when he got his hair cut?”


“Well, they had some great glosses there!”

“Great glosses?”

“Yeah!  They had these Pirates of the Caribbean glosses at the hair cutting store.  One was called Thar She Rose and one was called Skull and Gloss Bones.  Isn’t that kind of cool how they used the words like that?”

“What are glosses at the hair salon?  Like…gel for your hair?”

“No, Mom; the glosses that come in all kinds of colors.”

Colored glosses?  So?  Colored hair gel?”

“No!  Those little pots of gloss!  And they have a little brush in them, and girls smear the gloss all over their fingernails!  I think those little pots would be good if you emptied them out and used them to hold potions.”

Yes, people.  Apparently the HAIR CUTTING STORE has cool FINGERNAIL GLOSS.

Heaven help me.

On another note that has absolutely NOTHING to do with polish colors sporting exciting monikers, a friend of mine has started a brand new blog today, so pop over and tell Christa what a fantastic job she did on her very first blog post.  She’s an amazing photographer, and she has PLUM NAILED the art of the blurry background with the crisp subject, while my skills tend to lean more towards blurry people AND blurry backgrounds.  She’s constantly snapping breathtaking pictures of her life on the ranch, and PEOPLE!  She even cooks AMAZINGLY WELL, and she’s incredibly sweet to boot.  That’s a lot of goodness rolled up in one girl.  So really, I expect my darling friend Christa will be the next Pioneer Woman by next week.


Plus, Christa has GIRLS, and I doubt that they EVER refer to a salon as a hair cutting store. They’re just classy people like that.




1 thought on “Pots O’ Gloss

  1. How cute. He was talking about nail polish!

    And, something I just learned…the lens that comes with your nice camera is crap. Apparently! My aperture goes as low as 3.5, however, apparently you want a lens that goes as low as 1.0 or lower to get the super blurred backgrounds with crisp subjects. I think I said that all correctly. Hmm, I don’t know…maybe ask your friend? You can pay as little as $100 for a better lens and I might be requesting that for Christmas. 🙂

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