Just a Quick Note Before I Call It a Day…

I just tucked the boy into bed…

…where he found five somewhat squashed pretzel M&Ms in his sheets.

I think this might be a clear indication that the Jedi Family has themselves a problem of addiction.  We may need a loving intervention from an outside source, people.

And also?  Well, we’ve had a busy day, and the boy and I had a date tonight, while Hubs stayed at home.  We went to see the movie Dolphin Tale, and let me tell you this one thing:  I engaged in the Quiet Ugly Cry, due to all the feel good and all the happy.  The boy and I left the theater, and we both said, at the very same time, “I want a dolphin!”

Only our bathtub isn’t big enough, and we’re not sure Cat 1 and all her fierceness would adjust to having a rather large fish in captivity here.

And with that said, I have to go get ready for bed.

1 thought on “Just a Quick Note Before I Call It a Day…

  1. We loved that movie! See, goes to show ya Hollywood doesn’t have to put all the crap in movies. We didn’t even need two humans to make us cry. Just a dolphin and a boy. 🙂

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