For the Pageant’s Talent Competition, I Will Be Showing the Judges My Mad Foos-Ball Skills, Which I Have Maintained Since College

Today in my pre-kindergarten PE class, one of the four-year-old girls came running up to me and hollered out, “Hey, Teacher?  What’s your name again?”

Because clearly I am quite memorable.

After I told her my name (for the seventy-second time this school year), she repeated it twice to herself, and she then asked me, “Would it be okay if I just called you ‘Miss America,’ since that’s who you look like?”


And indeed.

I am totally okay with that.

And then in kindergarten PE this afternoon, one of the little six-year-old girls took my hand and said, “You know what?”

I asked, “What?”

She then slopped a big wet kiss onto the back of my hand, which she was still holding, and said, “You did a FANTASTIC JOB putting your make-up on today!”

Well then.  I wasn’t really sure if that meant on some days I look a little less than desirable where the mascara and lip gloss are concerned, but at least today I was rocking the beauty pageant stage and earning applause from all sides of the audience.

Those two little girls sustained me today, as they spoke a word of truth over me.  So if y’all will… Please refer to me as Miss America from here on out.

And… fingers crossed… I hope to achieve Make-Up Victory tomorrow morning, too.

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