We Are Two Pizza Boxes Away From Being Freshman Again

So, you know how in college cleaning your house was sort of the very last thing you ever thought about?  Remember how your dirty laundry would sit in heaps, waiting patiently for you to head home for the weekend, where you could wash it all for free?  And remember how you’d dust… never?  And how you borrowed the neighbor’s vacuum cleaner right before your roommate’s parents drove to town for a football game and a visit?  And remember how all the mail and the college textbooks and your BIG OLD FLOPPY DISCS would sit on your kitchen counter for days on end, while you were very busy playing Frisbee in the park, ordering Zimas and fluffing out your spiral perm?


I think you might as well say that things look exactly like Hubs and I have gone back to college these days.  It’s merely a little EARLY TRAINING for the boy, as Hubs and I boldly say, “This, Son, is how you will live in college.  It isn’t pretty, but sometimes STUDYING HARD FOR ALL OF YOUR CLASSES will get in the way of cleaning your kitchen.”

Only I’m guessing that because he’s a boy, the grime and the grit and the stink will be a bit stronger, and the pyramid of empty COKE cans will be a bit taller.

And really?

That’s the full extent of what I have to report tonight.

Unless you want to know that Day Two of the Tusk Growing is going so well, I’d fit in fantastically well with any local walrus population.

That may be why I was craving fish for dinner tonight.

I totally would have cooked some, too, if I’d had any clean dishes left in the kitchen to pull it off with.

Happy Tuesday night, people.

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