I Just Wish Our Legos Were Gold Bricks

In case y’all had any doubts that the boy owns some Legos, I thought I’d reassure you.

The answer is yes.

Yes, he does. And this afternoon, the boy and Kellen dumped a great majority of them OUT OF THE TUB.  The crash broke the sound barrier.

And really?  This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the summit of that Lego pile is approximately ten inches.  Yes, ma’am.  That is correct.  That is a ten-inches-tall, six-feet-long pile of plastic bricks.

I’m also pretty sure we broke the fire code and every restriction that goes along with it, because the enormous pile of Legos blocked the entrance INTO the boy’s room today, and cut the exit OUT OF the bedroom completely off.

But you know what else?

Those two boys were powerfully happy today, and sometimes that’s worth breaking the fire marshal’s requirements for emergency exits.

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