Plus One


We did consume a ridiculous amount of carbohydrates disguised as mashed potatoes and stuffing and pie over the Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a sin we were regretting with repentant hearts on Thursday evening.

But then we miraculously got over the ache of distended guts, because Sister and Sister’s Husband came home on Thursday night with this:

That is 6 pounds, 3 ounces of the cutest NEW NIECE around.  Sister and her husband adopted Little H, who made a surprise appearance in  November, because she wasn’t due until mid-December.  And when Sister found out on Wednesday morning that Little H was ON HER WAY!  ON HER WAY!  TODAY!  WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR!, she and Sister’s Husband split town in a dramatic hurry, leaving behind a raw turkey and whole potatoes and cold dinner rolls and a puff of exhaust from their Dodge truck.  They drove and they drove, and then they drove some more, and Little H was already there, waiting for them.  Some papers were signed, some tearful good-byes happened between a young seventeen-year-old mama who hoped she was doing the right thing and Sister, and — just like that! — we added one more member to our family.

Oh, and so did Aunt Carrie.  Because she and I are sharing Little H as a niece, and we’ve already been to the pink section of Gymboree.  (I just had to do it ONLINE, while Aunt Carrie got to hit Gymboree IN PERSON, because I don’t live in a thriving city that gives us the Colorado Avalanche, even though Hubs keeps threatening to move us there, so he can buy season tickets.  Small Town doesn’t have a Gymboree.  Thankfully, we’re modernized enough to have indoor plumbing, the World Wide Web and all the shopping we can do, at our fingertips.)

And do you know what else?  I actually know someone who really, REALLY, REALLY likes this baby:

The boy is head over heels in love with that pink-wrapped bundle.  He doesn’t like to put her down.  He doesn’t like to share her.  He cried when we came home and said, “Why couldn’t she be MY baby sister?”

Oh, I think they’re going to get along famously.

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