R2D2 and The Boy

Gage is one of our most favorite children ever at the Jedi Manor.

In fact, we may change his name to R2D2, simply because he’s a character in a whole lot of our life episodes.  I’ve changed his diaper.  I’ve plugged his mouth up with a pacifier.  I’ve thumped his head for whispering too loudly in church.  I’ve held him close and rocked him when he fell on the sidewalk and skinned both of his knees.  He’s a solid part of the Jedi Family.

But the question that I ask, over and over, is simply this:

When you have TWO of these creatures living FULL TIME at your house, how do you afford to FEED THEM?  (And what if you have THREE BOYS?  Or four? What is your weekly grocery bill like THEN?!)

Gage hopped into our Suburban after church today, and we had tacos for lunch at our house.  And those two adorable, grinning faces polished off eleven tacos between them.  And after a lunch like that, you could still see the boy’s ribs when he took his shirt off, and Gage’s Levi’s kept sagging down on his hips, so that he had to yank them up a thousand and nine times today.

Truthfully, this is a problem that the female population wishes they had.

We just can’t afford to eat like that, in more ways than one.

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