Albert Einstein Might Have Done NyQuil Shots

So I did hit the NyQuil last night, and I’m happy to report that it absolutely flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee, and I was knocked out cold.

Which ultimately means that if I coughed, I wasn’t coherent enough to even realize it, so WIN.

Plus, one of the perks of being hopped up on a good sedating antihistamine is simply that I dreamed about building a boat.  In fact, not only did I BUILD the boat, I also DESIGNED the boat.  It was innovative.  I used a queen-sized headboard, and I awed the judges when it came time to put our boats on the water.  I may file these blueprints away in real life as THINGS TO DO IN THE FUTURE.  It could be an added item on my Bucket List.

Because everyone knows that a boat constructed out of a headboard will go places in any regatta.  I’m surprised that no one has thought of this before the NyQuil and I did.  And the fact that I love the navy blue-and-white-striped shirts is just an added bonus.

I intend to have SKIPPER embroidered on my windbreaker jacket.

In other news, although the maid felt PERFECTLY AWFUL today, and couldn’t actually chew food without completely suffocating, she did manage to get ALL of the laundry done.  Every last bit of it.  Decent jeans and everything.  Because of that, I decided to pay her, so I handed her a big bag of pretzel M&Ms.  I’m pretty sure she liked them, regardless of the fact that she couldn’t TASTE them, what with all the snot and yuck and drainage and NyQuil hangover.

And not only did the paid-in-candy-coated-chocolate-pieces maid finish the laundry, she also managed to scrub the majority of the house down, which sort of made her feel better.  Uncovering the kitchen counters from an avalanche of three-day-mail-pile-up will make any girl feel better.

But don’t tell Hubs that, because I’m trying to milk this chest congestion for all it’s worth.

Plus, another night on the NyQuil might mean that I’ll have even more dreams, which will result in me winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

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