I Will Trade You Chicken Fried Steak With Wild Rice for Fifty-Two Minutes Holding the Baby

We have had us some visitors over the past week, as everyone has shown up on our doorstep bearing a hot meal and some empty arms which they insist are JUST PERFECT FOR HOLDING A BABY.  And, people, we have traded the baby into everyone’s open arms in exchange for the baked zitti casserole… and the homemade vegetable soup… and the homemade spaghetti and meatballs… and the homemade chicken nuggets… and the pizza… and the chicken fried steak with wild rice… and the strawberry and spinach salad… and the cheesy pasta casserole… and the homemade tacos… and the quiche… and the homemade chili… and the homemade chocolate cookies that were so good they made my heart flutter…

And then I told Hubs, “Listen!  We are definitely on to something quite golden here.  We need to adopt another baby next month, so that dinners will be exotic and scrumptious and ever-so-very-much tasty, and I won’t have to cook in April either.”

Hubs, the joy killer, said NO.  He even used CAPITAL LETTERING to say his NO.

Apparently Thing 2’s sleep pattern is all that Hubs needed to convince him that the Jedi Manor’s youthful population is AT QUOTA.

When our guests come to hold Thing 2, we like to snap pictures of the really cute ones.

Like the band of cousins on my side of the family.  Those three honeys, squeezed in next to my TWO honeys, are Sister’s kids.

Some of the cousins on Hubs’ side of the family rushed over after they had just played in a hockey tournament to see our little peanut.  These are Brother’s and Brother’s Wife’s kids.

(I think Cousin W was quite smitten with Thing 2.)

(For the record, we are ALL quite smitten with Thing 2.)

(Even though he doesn’t sleep well at night.)

(We’re really working on that.  Our Rock The Thing To Sleep initiative program is off to a great start, because I have contacted my darling friend, Mary.  Mary has six kids.  Mary knows how to get babies to sleep through the night.  After Mary’s very first suggestions yesterday, Thing 2 had a fantastic night.  Hubs wants to hug Mary and let her know that she should write a parenting book.)

(Hubs thinks Mary’s parenting book should focus primarily on the subject MARY KNOWS WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT AS FAR AS SLEEPING BABIES GO.)

Of course, it hasn’t just been all adorable cousins who have popped over to hold our little peanut.

Enzo rushed over bearing a baked zitti casserole and a set of arms that was quite capable of rocking the baby.  And when he looked at Thing 2, he announced, “Hey!  I’m Uncle Enzo now!”  And that, people, made us howl with delight, because OH MY WORD!  Enzo, we love  ya huge!

Kellen raced into our house, too, and sighed with delight when we finally handed him the little peanut.  And then he said, “Man!  I sure with that I could have a baby brother now, too!”

(Baby brothers are quite wonderful, Kellen.  Beg your parents!  Thing 2 will need a preschool swimming buddy for three years running, like you and the boy did from ages three to six!)

Briley came over, too.  Briley wanted to hold the baby for FOREVER.

And by FOREVER, I mean FOR-EV-AH!  Briley was not at all interested in relinquishing her baby-holding time to her mama, Tiffany.  Briley was also quite vocal about needing a baby for her own house, too.  I tried to convince Tiff that this was a SPLENDID IDEA!  SIMPLY SPLENDID!, because then Tiffany and I could be senior citizen parents together and plan classroom Halloween parties together before bridge tournaments and Jell-O Mold Cook-Offs at the local senior center.

Oh, people!  Having this little peanut has been one of the biggest blessings in our life, and Hubs and I are thrilled that we have our two boys now.

We love that the word boys has become a plural word at our house.  It makes our hearts glow and overflow.

We’re also thrilled with all of our friends, and how they have shown up in flocks to throw their arms around our necks and hug us with congratulations.  Friends keep the world spinning with rightness and big smiles.

And I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was also thrilled with the contents of my refrigerator, because HOMEMADE VEGETABLE SOUP, ANYONE?!  It’s a home-cooked meal, which was cooked in someone else’s kitchen, and THAT, y’all, is the most-best-est kind of dinner.

Have a great weekend.

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