It’s Spring Break Around Here. We Are Clean. And Happy. And Also Out Of Food For Dinner.

We are in the thick of Spring Break ’12, which is something of a staycation, as we are sticking close to home.  Hubs and I really DID have rather enormous plans to leave Small Town (I heard y’all gasp at that sentence!), and take the boy on a real spring break.  Somewhere before Christmas, we had agreed that INDEED!  And YES!  Our boy is eleven years old, and he has never been to a zoo, so Hubs announced that we would go to the nearest zoo.

Which is also home to the nearest NHL team.  Although Hubs made it sound like the spring break trip would be all about the boy, I think it was really all about Hubs making an attempt to hit an Avalanche hockey game.

And then SURPRISE!  Thing 2 came along, and we couldn’t be happier, but Hubs and I decided that our sleep deprivation isn’t exactly conducive to taking things on the road for five days, even if a hat trick might be involved.  So it looks like the boy will eventually turn twelve without seeing a hippopotamus in captivity, and I will once again miss an opportunity to pet a polar bear’s nose.

(Because I’m not even joking when I say that petting the nose on a big white bear is a dream of mine, because sweet mercy!  They look very friendly, and their noses look very soft.)

(Don’t ruin my dream.)

(I don’t like to hear stories about baby seals that try to pet polar bears’ noses and come up missing from home.)

All that to say that yes, we are around the house, changing diapers, passing out kisses on soft cheeks, and laughing like ridiculous people over the game Draw Something, because it has become apparent that I didn’t major in art for a reason.  Hubs and I are simple people, actually.

This is a little excerpt of what things looked like at our house this morning:

The boy took a three-hour bath.  I was actually more than okay with this, because, if you remember, he had just returned from four days spent on the ranch, and his feet looked like an Israelite’s when the forty years were almost up and the Promised Land was on the radar.

And then my bath tub ended up looking like a camel’s trough after the water drained and the dirt stuck to the sides.

But the boy emerged some one hundred and eighty minutes later with a dripping-wet Lego submarine and clean toes.

While all that was happening in my bathroom, Thing 2 looked like this:

It’s because it was daylight, and Thing 2 ALWAYS looks like that during the day.  Hubs and I don’t know whether we’re raising a college kid or a hamster.  Either way, Thing 2 is awake most of the night, and then he expects to curl up and stay that way when the sun rises.

And the sun?  Rising?  Yes.  Hubs and I have seen more sunrises since Thing 2 joined our family than we have seen in both of our lives, combined, before then.

But, just in case y’all are wondering, this is what Thing 2 looks like when he pops his eyes open.  Granted, it’s a rare thing to see, unless you hop on over to Casa del Jedi at midnight.

The amount of kisses that Hubs and I have placed on those sweet cheeks and that adorable mouth are more than the grains of sand on all the world’s beaches.  Mmmm.  Those cheeks simply BEG for smooches!

And go ahead and say it.


And also?

Clearly, we are out of staples around here and someone had better get to the grocery store so that the week-long party of Spring Break ’12 can continue.

Hubs and I think that Thing 2, in his quest to be exactly like a nineteen-year-old college boy at Yale, polished off that bag with a Corona and a lime.  I’d question him about it, but he’s sleeping right now because the sun hasn’t officially set yet…

1 thought on “It’s Spring Break Around Here. We Are Clean. And Happy. And Also Out Of Food For Dinner.

  1. Just so you know it’s covered : Dave and I will cheer extra loud at the Avs game tonight and tomorrow , when we take Jack to the zoo, I’ll be sure to get a good pic of the hippo swimming in his pool which always has poop in it. And I would LOVE to play draw something with you!!! 😉
    And yes Thing 2’s cheeks are indeed irresistible… Oh andmy big brother thinks you should ‘tweet’ …as in join Twitter. He thinks you’d have a zillion followers …ya know … Like Jon Acuff… Just sayin…

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