They Really DO Play Soccer On The Polar Ice Caps


Our weekend.

I think we’ll just say, “Well, we packed a lot of fun into it, and now it’s done, and here it is, already Monday night.”  And also?  I am much warmer now than I was last night.  I went to bed last night in a pair of pajamas that were manufactured for scientists who take core ice samples at the North Pole.  I pulled all of the blankets up around my shoulders, and I slept like nobody’s business.  And when Thing 2 woke me up at 12:30 this morning for a bottle of warm milk, I told Hubs, “Oh my gosh!  I am SO STINKING HOT!  I am roasting!  I am sweating!  I think these pajamas feel like the sun!  Can you turn the furnace completely OFF?”

This was Hubs’ cue to shake his head and say, “I love you, but you’re a bit high maintenance.”  Ya think?  At least I was completely cured of the bone-chilling cold brought on by all the soccer-watching-in-the-rain.

Tonight I have pictures for you.  Pictures, which is plural, and pluralized good and proper.  So I’ll really try to keep the words to a minimum.

Our Friday night opened up with a full house.  The boy brought Kellen home with us after school, and within three minutes of unloading out of the Suburban in our driveway, the neighbor boys were here.  They played outside with sticks and sticks and also sticks.  They had too many sword fights to count; they had too many axe battles to be numbered.  We had one blow to a knee cap that appeared fatal at first, but after assuring the knee’s owner that OH MY LANDS!  I THINK YOU WILL LIVE!  PLUS, CHICKS DIG SCARS!, the battle resumed in full force, with him on the front lines.  I love it when no one is seriously injured in a fight on my property; I’m not sure our home owner’s insurance covers INJURIES AND HOSPITALIZATIONS AS RELATED TO FIGHTS WITH STICKS BY BOYS IN YARD.

Just as Kellen and the neighbor boys were leaving to head for home, Brother and Brother’s Wife stopped by with the boys’ cousins for a visit, because someone (We won’t name names, but she’s seven years old and adorable!) wanted to rock Thing 2 and help with his bath again.

Miss A is ready to pack her bags and move into our house to be our personal nanny.  I am quite fine with this arrangement.

Before bath time was over, my darling friends Evelyn and Elvida showed up with their boys, and our house was full and fun and happy.

Thing 2’s bath became a spectator sport as everyone gathered around to see the little man!

Our living room looked like this, as the kids hauled out something called Moon Dough, which is like DRY Play-Doh.  When it is used on your hardwood floors, it should also be noted that the next day your floors will feel like a waxed pair of skis, and you may slip and break a hip.  Moon Dough is obviously used on all the finest surfboards and snowboards, because of SLICK, SLICK, SLICK!

And the answer is a firm YES.  The coloring in these pictures is HORRIBLE, but listen.  I am not a professional photographer who takes money for the snapshots I take.  Sometimes poor lighting situations call for different camera settings, and my photographer friends, Sam and Alyssa, are never around when I need them the most, so I just shoot with my GUT FEELING.

And my gut feeling usually produces lots of ORANGE and YELLOW tints.

Elvida and Miss A made sure that Thing 2 had plenty of lotion and a fresh pair of jammies after his bath.

And then, while all the boys greased my living room floor up with Moon Dough polish and residue, Evelyn, Elvida, Miss A and I all adjourned to Thing 2’s bedroom.

Elvida rocked the baby to sleep in the rocking chair, and we all smiled with happiness when his little mouth popped open.  Babies are the sweetest things ever.

And then Evelyn and Miss A helped me unload boxes of hand-me-down baby clothes that our friends have been generous enough to share with us.  We also unpacked gift bags loaded with goodies for Thing 2, which had accumulated on his bedroom floor in a giant heap.  Miss A had the very best time opening everything and marveling over his new outfits, because Miss A has estrogen and can appreciate a fine set of clothes.

Unlike the boy.

On Saturday, I did one load of laundry and nothing else.  Hubs watched a lot of hockey and and then he told the boy to go pick up the seven hundred and nine sword-fighting sticks that were in the yard from the night before, and then Hubs did nothing else.  It was raining, and it was cold, and we chose to celebrate a day of rest with a chicken pot pie in the oven.

On Sunday, we went to church and watched it snow and rain and quit and then snow and rain and quit again out the windows.  This was all VERY GOOD NEWS to us, because we were headed to outdoor soccer games when Pastor John wrapped things up.

Mam and Pa had already invited the boy and his cousins, L and K, to have lunch with them at a swanky little restaurant, so Hubs and I said, “Thing 2 wants to go, also!” since it was entirely too cold to tote him out to the games.  Mam and Pa were plum tickled to add the little fellow as a lunch date companion, and off they all went.

I did manage to snap a quick picture of the big kids together.

And then Hubs and I put on our Arctic gear, and we were off.

We went to watch Cousins W and B  play some fast-paced soccer outside in the elements.

We also watched the boy’s good friend, Quinn, play soccer on Sunday afternoon.

We even got to see the boy’s good buddy, Patrick, in action on Sunday.

After the boys all finished playing soccer, Hubs and I switched fields because the girls’ games were starting.  We managed to get lucky, because we found a spot to stand between two different fields, so that we could watch our little friends, McKinley and Kate, play in different games at the very same time.

Here’s McKinley with the eye of the tiger.  She’s focused.  She’s ready.  She’s absolutely darling, and we love her to bits.

Our adorable friend, Kate, was every bit as focused in her game, which was in progress right beside McKinley’s game.  Kate’s a dang good skier.  She KNOWS how to dress for the elements!

I simply stood between the two games and snapped pictures, back and forth… back and forth…

I’m pretty sure that the girl BEHIND Kate came to the soccer games in the sidecar of a motorcycle.  Or maybe not.  But I thought her goggles glasses were great!

I love this next picture, even though it wasn’t really taken on purpose.  McKinley was grinning at me during a throw-in.  No, she shouldn’t have been grinning at me… she should have been staring the opponent throwing the ball down.  But there she was, grinning huge right me… and she gave me a little wave which said, “Thank you for coming to watch me play soccer today!”  And I waved back, and I snapped a picture of her cute little self, JUST AS THE BALL WAS THROWN IN.  And this is what I got.

(Also?  Don’t tell her daddy she was waving at me.  He might tell her, “McKinley, please don’t wave at Mama any more during games.  Pay attention!  Focus!  You can dish out little girly waves when the game is done!”  Dads don’t understand a girl’s all-consuming need to JUST GET IT OUT AND WAVE at people they know.  And EVEN THOUGH SHE WAVED AT ME IN HER GAME, McKinley still ended up scoring TWO [count ’em:  ONE, TWO!] goals on Sunday, and her team won 9-0.  YAY!)

The ball blocked her grin.  Dang!

Hubs and I even got to see our little friend, Katie, play soccer.  She was LITERALLY-THIS-CLOSE to scoring a goal herself on Sunday!

Did I happen to mention how STINKING COLD it was outside?  Don’t just take MY word for it — look at those spectators behind McKinley’s swinging hair!  They are bundled up like they are about to embark on a trek across the polar ice cap with their sled dogs.

Of course, I didn’t JUST take snapshots of the soccer players.  I also found some cute girls on the sidelines to grin for me.

Kiley smiled like a princess.

And after she had passed out homemade chocolate cookies with peppermint chips in them, Avery grinned for my camera, too.  I wanted to stuff both of them beneath my winter parka and take them home with us.  Forever.  And it wasn’t just because Avery had that enormous bag of scrumptious cookies, either!

And then there she is!  The girl who scored two goals on Sunday afternoon:


Apparently the answer is A NUMBER GREATER THAN TEN.

Happy Monday night!

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