Our Week In Photos

So this morning started early.  And by early, I mean that Thing 2 decided that YES!  4:30 REALLY IS A LOVELY TIME TO GET UP AND JUST GET ALL COMFORTABLE SO WE CAN SEE THE SUN RISE, but thankfully I talked him into going back to sleep by reaching a numb hand into his bassinet to rub his feet.

I had been sleeping on my arm — apparently WRONG — when Thing 2 started fussing.  I glanced at the time and saw that it was RIDICULOUS O’CLOCK, so I slung an arm his way to rub his toes, which works like magic 17% of the time to put him back to sleep.

And that’s when I realized that the arm I flopped into the bassinet was completely numb and asleep, and I COULD NOT FEEL IT, and WHOA!  SWEET HOLY MOTHER OF THE ASPARAGUS PLANT!  THE PINS AND NEEDLES!  Once I had the arm IN the bassinet, I was helpless to get it OUT OF the bassinet, so I just flopped my fingers around somewhere near Thing 2’s toes, hoping that we could buy us some extra sleep time.

And it worked.

Thing 2 went back to sleep until precisely 5:15, and seeing as how I couldn’t manipulate my arm in any given direction on purpose, I went back to sleep with half of my upper body in the bassinet as well.

And at 5:15, the Magic Toe Massage struck FAILURE.  We went to DEFCON 1.  Hubs and I were up and running, because today also happened to be the morning of Muffins for Moms at the boy’s school.

Muffins for Moms happens at an obscene hour.  I have no idea what the PTO was thinking when they suggested that WOULDN’T IT BE FUN TO MAKE MOMS SCRAMBLE AROUND THE HOUSE LIKE RATS ON ANTIHISTAMINES, AS THEY PACK LUNCHES AN HOUR EARLIER THAN NORMAL AND TRY TO ASSEMBLE THEIR HAIR INTO SOME SORT OF ACCEPTABLE HOUSE-LEAVING STATE, all so that they can head to the school while the traffic lights are still flashing on Main Street to eat a muffin and enough apple juice to fill a shot glass.

The moms at our table this morning grumbled about the fact that the PTO hadn’t seen fit to set up a traveling Starbucks wagon outside the school’s front doors, so that we could secure GENUINE DECAFFEINATED coffee to go with our muffins, and then someone threw out the idea that perhaps Margaritas for Moms at 6:00 in the evening might actually be the vision of the future.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t have missed Muffins for Moms this year for all the stock in Starbucks, because, people, this was our last year for it.  The boy and I have gone into the school, blinking at the harsh overhead lights in the cafeteria at such an early hour every year together since kindergarten for this event.

And today…

…our history with the muffins concluded.

I came home, sat on my closet floor, and simply rocked back and forth, because I’m not sure that the kids willingly invite their mamas to come for muffins at the junior high school.

So yes.

That was exactly how our day got started, and my people are already in bed.  The boy went to bed at 7:00 tonight.  A week of soccer, soccer and yes, soccer has worn him out, and he couldn’t fall asleep last night until after 10:00 because he was thinking about some specific Lego mini figure.

(In all of my months battling insomnia before Thing 2 was born, I never stayed awake dreaming of Lego mini figures.)

(Not even once.)

(It’s what separates the boys from the girls.)

Thing 2 has had a very busy day playing and giggling and kicking his feet, and he was sound asleep at 7:30.

And yes, with a quiet house and a clean kitchen behind us, Hubs went to bed, too.

(People actually want to BE us, what with the adventurous, exciting lives we lead.)

So tonight, instead of a lot of words, you’re getting some pictures from our week.

You’re welcome.

Our niece, The Nanny, has been at our house twice this week to rock Thing 2 and help organize his bedroom closet, because she loves putting his little clothes on tiny hangers and ooh-ing over LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS!  I wouldn’t mind it if Miss A, the Nanny, just moved in with us and pulled her weight around here by taking the 1 AM feeding.

The boy had a lot of soccer this week, and, as of last night, we have officially put that sport to bed.  Spring Soccer ’12 is a thing of the past for us now, and the boy has already hauled his golf clubs out and called his PE teacher, who has promised to take him golfing very soon.

(That’s a little perk of having known the boy’s PE teacher for one hundred and six years.  He’s a good friend of ours.)

The boy played goalie this week, and he looked incredibly handsome with his new haircut.

The boy stopped every single ball that came his way while he was goalie this week, and his mama may or may not have clapped like a mad woman on the sidelines for him.

Naturally, Thing 2 was hauled from game to game this week, too, because the Department of Family Services insists that he’s entirely too short to be left at home alone yet.  He was a trooper this week at the soccer fields, and he only blew his diaper out with poo at one game, which necessitated an emergency changing station being set up in the bleachers.

(Note to self:  An emergency changing station established in the bleachers can effectively clear the bleachers of all the young children, thus making room for more of your friends, because apparently young children want to be as far away from the ALL THE STINK as possible.  File this away in USEFUL BITS OF INFORMATION.)

Yes, it IS a little unfair that Hubs and I have the two absolute cutest children in America, but apparently that was God’s plan, and you can’t argue with Him.

The boy also played every other position on the field this week, too.  He did a whole lot of running and kicking and gazing at the sidelines, trying to determine which mother brought snacks and what said snacks were going to be.

(Because everyone knows that a package of bright orange, cheese-flavored crackers can often times trump a win.)

We even had cousins show up at the boy’s games this week.  L and K were there to cheer him on, and steal leftover ice cream snacks at the last game.

(Mam decided that the boys all needed Dilly Bars from the local Dairy Queen after their last game.  Grandmas are like that.  Mam dashed off at half-time, and when she came back, she had paper sacks loaded with The Good Stuff.  The HOLY COW, BUT THOSE ARE SOME BRIGHT YELLOW SHIRTS team all wanted to adopt Mam for their own grandma.)

There’s L, looking darling, as always.  L had just come from her own soccer game, where she scored yet another goal.  L is going to be in the Olympics soon for soccer.

And there’s Cousin K, with his adorable little freckles.

After the last game, I managed to corral the wolf pack for a group photo.  I’m not sure if this is a group of boys from a soccer team or the Safety Patrol Committee, sporting their BE SEEN ON THE STREETS AND FROM NEPTUNE shirts.

There’s Bek, the boy, Teegan and Cody, devouring their Dilly Bars and looking cute manly.  I know I’ve said it a hundred times, but Hubs and I thank Jesus frequently for the boy’s tribe of buddies.  Jesus has blessed that boy richly with some pals.

And that’ll wrap up our week here at Jedi Mama, Inc.

Happy Thursday, folks.

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