You Can Rule The World With A Little Paper And Scotch Tape

Back in the day, the boy believed that anything could be successfully made out of paper and Scotch tape.

And by anything, I mean ANY! THING!  He made costumes out of paper and tape.  He made garages for his Matchbox cars out of paper and tape.  He made spaceships for his Star Wars action figures out of paper and tape.  If his mind could imagine it, paper and tape could be used to build it.

Crowns for kings?  Been there.  Did that.  In fact, crowns were simply too easy for the boy.

And also?  Kings always needed accessories.  A flashlight and a coil of rope insured that you could scale castle walls in the dark, because the boy was always a “take action” sort of king.  He was never really content to just sit on his throne and issue orders; he was the type of king who preferred to fight on the front lines with enormous swords and kill bad guys himself.

And a black pair of women’s gloves in a size medium helped you grip those castle walls during all the scaling.

He inherited a love for storming castles from his Navy SEAL daddy.

That year, Hubs and I took the boy to see the movie The Polar Express, and we all loved it.  The boy was fascinated with the train conductor, and he decided that YES!  He could become one of those with some paper and some Scotch tape.

He made a hat, and he taped a paper pocket to his shirt, because he didn’t have any shirts hanging in his closet with a decent pocket at the hemline.  And then he made tickets, and he used the hole punch to destroy them, exactly like Tom Hanks did in The Polar Express.

(The fourteen billion tiny yellow dots that littered my house for two weeks made me want to slam vodka shots for breakfast.)


Hooked on Phonics actually worked for us.

And then the boy grew up, and he decided that he could probably build most anything out of Lego bricks, and our Scotch tape supplies didn’t dwindle as quickly at our house.

(I miss the days of buying tape in bulk at Costco.)

Now, the boy’s six-year-old cousin K has discovered that a decent sheet of paper and some tape can be used to create all sorts of fun things.  These days, he’s making pop-up books all on his own, by taping elaborate paper pieces inside a folded sheet of paper, and his creations make me grin, as I reminisce about the days when the boy would have done such a thing.

I think paper and tape are a heart-warming phase of childhood.

And that brings me to what I want to show y’all tonight, because I have a video for you.  Hubs emailed me the link last week, and said, “Look!  There’s another boy who builds things with tape and paper like the boy used to!”  And, folks, I watched this video and I couldn’t quit smiling, because our boy could have totally created the cardboard arcade himself.

And had I been in East LA that day, I would have paid enormous sums of money to play at this little fellow’s arcade.

The video is eleven whopping minutes long, but it’s SO WORTH IT.  It’s a feel-good sort of clip.

You can click right here to watch it.

And y’all have a great Tuesday night.

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  1. I can’t tell you how many times you’ve mentioned how Jack resembles your boy… Didn’t ever not believe you (take that English Major!) but tonight I saw it. I thought that first picture was my boy!!!!

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