He Knows Nothing Of The Child Labor Laws

So the boy has been a bit busy working these days.

President Reagan told Gorbachev, “Tear down this wall!” in 1987.  Times have changed since then, and Hubs told the boy this past week, “Build this wall!”  And, like a flock (A pack?  A tribe?  A gaggle?  A herd?) of busy beavers in a logging camp, the boy and Hubs have gotten after some boards, and they are INDEED building a retaining wall.

After all the work he’s done in the past week on it, the boy longs for a simpler country, where children are only made to work sixteen-hour days in sweat shops, manufacturing athletic shoes.  He thinks that way of life sounds a bit easier than what he’s had to deal with lately.

Because, people?  Oh, we are building some character in our boy!

And also?  I think he’s enjoyed it, because of POWER TOOLS.

And when it’s all finished, I’ll post pictures on the blog.  But suffice it to say that it’s not done yet.

And I have a pile of dirt in my driveway that is roughly the size of Mt. Everest.  We’re going to have to crack the whip on that child a bit more… get him to work a bit faster.

Y’all stay tuned…

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