The Weekend. Which Is Over. In Case Someone Cares What We Did.

Does anyone even still care what the Jedi Family did over the weekend?  Because the weekend?  Well, already there has been a whole lot of BUSY in my week, and it seems like that weekend was a considerable time ago.

Which of course it was.

What with tonight being Tuesday and all.

Our weekend started off on Friday night, like most weekends do, and the boy took off for a giant party at the local golf course with his buddies, Enzo and Quinn.  Enzo’s dad was cooking fancy stuff for the enormous buffet, and there were inflatable rides for the kids, and musicians and games and the like.  And, because our boy possesses a social life the likes of which Hubs and I will never be able to compete with, he got dressed in an outfit that made him look as dashing as any GQ model, and he was off.

And he came home at 10:15 that night, exactly like he was in high school.

And then he slept in until 9:30 on Saturday morning, exactly like he was in college.

Hubs and I shared our usual Friday night ritual, which is to say that we had dinner (Chinese take-out, and Hubs lamented the fact that HE wasn’t eating off of Enzo’s dad’s buffet line!), and then we gave Thing 2 a bath.  And then we gave Thing 2 a bottle.  And then we gave Thing 2 a good rock in the rocking chair, which knocked him out cold.  And then I said to Hubs, “Oh my lands!  What time is the boy coming home?  Because I’m not entirely sure that I can stay up late enough to wait for him.”

And that’s when MeMaw took her dentures out, cranked the thermostat up to a solid 86 degrees (because old bones get cold), took her Geritol and went to bed.  Hubs stayed up looking at the Farmer’s Almanac and planning out the weather for the next month, and wondering if our rows of corn will be knee-high by the 4th of July, and he waited for the boy to come home.

(We don’t really have rows of corn.)

(Y’all didn’t think we did, did you?)

I’m not sure what has happened in our lives, but we are finally to a point where the boy SLEEPS IN on days when there is no school.  People, this is unheard of, because the boy has always been an early riser, and Hubs and I have done everything except buy him new Lego sets as a bribe to keep him in bed longer on weekend mornings.  It has all been for nothing, but now!  Well, now we can’t even get him OUT OF bed on the weekends.

Or on summer mornings either, as 9:00 seems to be the average time for him to roll out of bed and look for a mixing bowl to pour cereal into, because a regular bowl is entirely too small.

(I wish you could buy Kellogg’s Krave cereal in a 50-pound bulk bag, because SWEET STINKING MERCY!  The boy can eat a box of that stuff as an afternoon snack and that’s that.)

Now, with the boy finally sleeping in, we have Thing 2, and Thing 2 is most comfortable with his mornings starting at 5 AM, even though he’d often like to start them a bit earlier.  Hubs and I did not plan the spacing of our children very well, apparently, because it looks like we will NEVER get to sleep in again.

On Saturday, we ran some errands.  We did some laundry.  We worked outside in the yard, because a retaining wall is going up around here, and because our grass keeps GROWING and needs MOWING.  And then we secured a grandmother to watch Thing 2 while we took the boy to see Madagascar 3 at the cinema, and listen:  The penguins and King Julian are funny, no matter how you look at it.  I laughed all the way through the show at their crazy animated antics.

After we left the theater, I had the song from the movie stuck in my head so firmly, I couldn’t shake it.


(As a special favor to you, you can click on that link right there and get the song stuck in YOUR head.)

(You’re welcome for that.)

And then we all did our usual Saturday night routine, which means that we had dinner (grilled pork loin chops and salad!), and then we gave Thing 2 a bath.  And then we gave Thing 2 a bottle.  And then we gave Thing 2 a good rock in the rocking chair, which knocked him out cold.  And then MeMaw crawled into bed and played some Words With Friends on her phone, which turned out to be a glorious thing, because I played a word worth 108 points (ONE HUNDRED!  AND EIGHT!  ENTIRE POINTS!) on my darling friend, Stacy.

And then I texted Stacy and said, “Whoop!  Whoop!  One-oh-eight, baby! ONE.  OH.  EIGHT.”

And then I prayed for humbleness, and I conked out cold.

On Sunday morning, Hubs and I had Thing 2 dedicated at church, which is simply a public ceremony where we promise to raise him as a good Christian boy and tell him all about how Noah built an ark, how Moses led the Israelites through the desert for a whole lot of years, and how a baby king was born and placed in a manger.

Thing 2 was not exactly quiet while we were up there with the other families dedicating their babies.  THEIR BABIES were quiet.  Thing 2 squirmed.  And then he shouted.  And then I lost all concentration on the ceremony as I kept chanting in my head, “Please hurry, because we are losing Thing 2 and he’s going to explode with boredom ANY SECOND!”

I’m not sure that any of us could have possibly looked MORE ENTHUSIASTIC in that snapshot up there.

Pastor John informed the congregation that he has held Thing 2 in his office on numerous occasions, and that HE has no problem whatsoever keeping him quiet.

I think this was perhaps an indication that the noisy baby is our fault.

We own that statement!

After church, my friend Katie and I attempted to get some snapshots of her son, Gunnar, with Thing 2, but Thing 2 was not in the mood to sit politely beside Gunnar.  Gunnar was a good boy, who did exactly what we asked him to do.  Thing 2 arched his back and said, “NO!NO!NO!  No photos today with my friends!”

Hopefully this is not an indication of how his life is going to be in front of the camera, because I have every intention of taking umpteen-eleventy-thousand snapshots of Thing 2 and his buddies, exactly like I have done with the boy.

These are the two pictures I managed to pop off before Thing 2 threw his head backwards and unleashed his displeasure — in an outdoor voice! — with the Kodak moment beside his BFF.

After church on Sunday, we had lunch with my parents for Father’s Day.  Hubs grilled chicken, because no one wants ME to do the grilling, because then we’ll just have to throw dinner away and order a pizza.

The boy baked a chocolate Devil’s food cake from scratch for Hubs.

Let that sink in.


As in, the boy used things like flour and sugar and baking soda and vanilla and unsweetened cocoa powder, and he created a cake worthy of a cooking magazine’s cover.  Oh my word!  YUM.

And then, because our nephew M’s birthday was this week, we went to his party at the park on Sunday evening.

Happy birthday, M!  You’re as cute as you were the day you were born.  Maybe even cuter today, now that you’re officially nine!

Because the party was at the park, and because our group of cousins is all about GETTING AFTER IT, there was a lot going on.

Like creek jumping, which Cousin B demonstrated for everyone…

And then one of those nutty boys decided that HEY!  LET’S PUT THE BICYCLES IN THE CREEK AND RIDE THEM THERE!  Our batch of punks clearly thinks outside of the box.

And then, while Brother’s Wife’s Sister (Did you keep up?) held him, Cousin B entertained Thing 2 forever with a single leaf ripped off one of the trees.  B would dangle and twirl that leaf in front of Thing 2, and Thing 2 would kick his feet and laugh out loud.  It was hysterical!  We’re not sure WHY the baby thought that the leaf trick was so funny, but we’re glad he did, because he gave us all some decent belly laughs!

Of course, all of the cousins were at the party.

There was the boy…

And Cousin R…

And Thing 2…

And Miss A, the Nanny…

And Cousin W…

And Cousin B, too…

There was cake and ice cream, and a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday To You” sang to the birthday boy, and there were candles that would not blow out, because they kept lighting back up again… and again… and again!

I love the big belly laugh that Miss A, the Nanny, is doing in the background up there, after M had attempted to blow those candles out for the one hundredth time!

There were also presents, because what party is complete without them?

And there was all kinds of fun at the party.

There were a lot of serious faces up there, and one cousin attempting to quietly choke another while I took a group photo.  There’s nothing quite like family when it comes to gathering the kids up for a shot of everyone together!

Happy birthday, M.  Welcome to nine!

And that was the weekend, people, in 1,700 words or less.  Y’all have a good night.

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