A Little Bit Of Being Sort Of Famous


Look who made the front page of Small Town’s daily newspaper over the weekend.

The boy and his buddy  Enzo decided that they’d had enough of the heat, so they plunged into the fountains at one of the local parks a few days ago.

(And really?  We have ALL had enough of the heat.  We are burning up in Small Town.  Today was so hot, I exceeded the limits of my deodorant and tried to decide what types of cacti to plant in my front yard, because all of the indigenous plants here turned to ash two weeks ago.)

As luck would have it, the boy found himself in front of a newspaper photographer’s camera lens, instead of his mama’s Canon, while he was frolicking in the fountains, because his mama wasn’t even there.

(I was probably at home, in all the air conditioning, sipping a mojito and eating chocolate bon-bons, which is what PE teachers actually do in the summer months.  Right?)

(Or maybe I was at home, in all the air conditioning, folding the tenth load of laundry for the day, scrubbing toothpaste splatters off of a bathroom mirror and wondering how we have the nose prints from a dog on our glass deck doors, when we don’t actually own a dog.  Because those things?  Well.  Those things are probably more along the lines of what a PE teacher does during June, July and August.)

And then?  The day after this picture was snapped?

Well.  That boy of ours and Enzo landed themselves front and center in the newspaper.

And I imagine that this photo has twenty-four copyrights on it, so I’m probably breaking nine different laws by sticking it onto my blog, which means I may be in danger of becoming a star in a true-to-life novel written by John Grisham.  Since that’s more than likely the case, I’ll just go on record and say HELLO!  NEWSPAPER PHOTO!  I CAN TAKE ZERO-POINT-ZERO CREDIT FOR THIS PICTURE.

I just wanted y’all to see the famous boys in Small Town, USA that the local paparazzi caught on film.

Or digital-ness.


Y’all have a good Monday night.

1 thought on “A Little Bit Of Being Sort Of Famous

  1. So glad you stopped by the Overflow! I’m laughing out loud as I read your post. Yes, I’m just holed in during this 100 degree heat eating bon bons, too. Of course, that’s what all mamas do, right? Your friend, Theresa, is one of my favorite blogging gals. Any friend of hers is s friend of mine. Thanks for leading me to this fun post. Hope you can survive the heat and all that laundry!

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