Seventeen. It’s Not Just a Magazine.

Seventeen years ago today, I said yes to the dress.

Actually, I said yes to the dress earlier than that, because I didn’t want to be a procrastinator and end up with the last available dress off the rack.  No, sir.  I planned ahead.  I shopped early.  And I bought a gorgeous dress.

And today I probably would have done things differently.  I would have picked something else, because THOSE SLEEVES!  Construction workers had to widen door frames so that I could walk through without denting the Sheetrock.

And the tan?  Oh, y’all!  I would have kept that!  I worked on a sod farm, slinging sod and driving tractors all day.  It was a very ladylike profession.  And once I ran over a bullsnake the size of a school bus with the reel mower.  Pleasant memories.  I bawled like a baby from shock.  Not because I’d killed him.  No, sir!  I would have backed up and run over him again, just to insure he was dead, because I don’t like SNAKES!SNAKES!SNAKES!  I bawled because he was stuck in the reels of the mower, and GOOD GRIEF!  What is a girl to do, other than pound on the neighbor’s door and demand that their teenage son come outside and dig the reptile out of the blades, piece by bloody piece?  But, snakes aside, working on a sod farm is the best way to get a summer tan, unless you’re a lifeguard.

And then!

Well, then… seventeen years ago… I met a cute guy at the end of the carpeted aisle, and we said, “Sure; we can stick together, even though this goofball listens to bad music,” and then he kissed me, right there in front of my dad and everyone else who had donned their best clothes to come to the party.

And then he stole my garter.

I actually LET HIM steal it.

And now?

Well, now we’re seventeen years older.  Hubs still listens to Waylon Jennings and AC/DC until I feel like my ears will bleed with all the AWFUL.  We have two kids.  And two rotten cats.  And five goldfish.  And a toad.  And an unfinished retaining wall that probably won’t be done before Thing 2 graduates from high school.

But I’m going to keep Hubs.

Forever and ever, amen.

Because he’s cute.

And because he always lets me drink his Coke, when I don’t want to get my own Coke.

And because he’s a great dad.

And because I cannot envision a life without him right there beside me, encouraging me in the valleys and throwing back his head to laugh with me on the mountains.

Love you, Hubs.

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