Five Whole Months Now

Our little man is five entire months old today.

He can grab things.  He can holler in a happy outdoor voice.  He can make a racket in church.  He can roll over.  He can giggle and snicker and even belly laugh.  He can splash in the bathtub.  He can smack his lips together.  He can blow raspberries.  He can give big, sloppy, wet, open-mouthed kisses.  He can shake the snot out of his rattles.  He can chew on his shirts and sop them up, good and proper-like.

He  likes sweet potatoes.  And green beans.  And applesauce.  And peas.  And oatmeal.  And pears and bananas and squash and rice cereal and carrots and chicken with apples and turkey with veggies and yogurt and ice cream.  We’re pretty sure that his favorite food is whatever is on the end of the spoon.

He likes Dora the Explorer.  Hubs and the boy don’t like that he likes Dora, because they think Dora is for babies.  I tell them, “Um.  Yes.  And Thing 2 is… well… a baby.  And Dora is tutoring him in Spanish.”

He hates naps.  He usually takes three, thirty-minute naps each day.  This is just enough time for me to quickly fold a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher before he has recharged himself for another three hours of whirlwind activity.

He likes to move.  And move.  And also to move.  He bounces, squirms, rolls, and wiggles everywhere, at all times.  He kicks and flaps his arms and waves his hands and arches his back and throws his legs up into the air.  He is never still.

He has slept through the night for the last four nights in a row.  As in, HE.  HAS SLEPT.  ALL STINKING NIGHT LONG.  FOR FOUR CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS.  This comes after almost five entire months of him NOT SLEEPING AT ALL during the nights, to the point that we felt a little lightheaded and groggy, every! single! day!  Hubs and I feel like brand new people with all the sleeping, and we have danced before Jesus in thanksgiving.

And do you know what?  Hubs and I wondered if we could love another little boy as much as we love the boy.  Our big boy.  Our almost-twelve-year-old boy.  Well.  The answer is a simple yes, because listen.  Never has there been two boys who were more wanted than the boy and Thing 2.  Oh, my lands!  Hubs and I wanted them.  And we love them.  We are IN LOVE with them.  We adore them.  They are the two most perfect little people God ever created.

We feel overwhelmed with the blessings we have been handed.

And yes.  We do know that it’s August in Small Town, and we’re all dying of the heat exhaustion and watching our toenails turn to ash from the HEAT HEAT HEAT, but I had to pose Thing 2 for a quick photo op, because the boys’ Aunt Pink knit a hat for Thing 2.

And SWEET MERCY!  It is stinking adorable!  We can hardly wait for winter, so that MY WORD!  THE HEAT GOES AWAY, and so that Thing 2 can wear his Hand-Knit With Love From Aunt Pink hat every single day.

Y’all have a great Sunday night.  And if you have a notion to, you can go on ahead and count Thing 2’s toes in that first picture up there.  We told y’all that Jesus blessed him with an extra one!  Hubs and I love it!

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